Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Winter Wonderland Display

This is the old 1846 Courthouse in Portsmouth, Virginia.
It now houses the Coleman's Nursery Collection of Winter Wonderland .
We used to take our kids to this display every year at the old nursery.
We did hot chocolate, bought each an ornie and then went to the Hickory Farms booth for a beef stick.
Such sweet memories as the kids always got a pic made with Santa.
In 1982 there was a horrific fire at Coleman's. Set by a vandal!
Money was raised to save what was possible from the Winter Wonderland display .
When the owners finally retired and closed, the Portsmouth Museum's Foundation purchased all the figures.
The charming scenes are now on display every year in the old Courthouse, so the tradition can continue for Portsmouth.
When the grands were here we went to see it.
I will share our visit in several posts.

Here is Amelia lost in this wonderful winter scene.

Benji all excited over the moving snowmen!
He also wanted some of the coins from the wishing well! Ha!Ha! NO!!!

Yes here we have penguins!!
Pat's favorite !!

So I had to be sure to take these pics and post Pat!!!
Some moved too!
Just looks so chilly to me.. ha ha!!
Was a real treat for me to see them again but sort of bittersweet too.
Here I was with K and her kids carrying on a tradition.
A very nice thing to do with your wee ones during the holidays.
I am betting there are some cool things around your area to do as a family as well.


  1. OH...I just LOVE that penguin display and I thank you for taking the photos and posting them. I'm going to save those that okay???? I may even post on my blog and link back to YOUR blog (for those who might not yet have discovered your blog) that okay, too?? Can you tell I'm excited about these penguins? hehehe Oh, yes...your grands are cute, too!!!

  2. so about turtles? any turtles? lol

  3. Yes, that is a wonderful thing to do with your family. The setting is just spectacular.

  4. what wonderful memories being made!!!

  5. We always went there Thanksgiving weekend and also to Mike's Trainland. We went one year since it moved to Portsmouth did the Children's Museum too to catch the trains. Jake went into the Sports Museum. I thought that would become a tradition but didn't.

  6. Hey Lola,
    The winter wonderland displays are so pretty, so glad you shared them. I'm loving your tabletop trees, they are so cute, I know you cherish those vintage glass birds. I couldn't help but be drawn to your silver teaset vignette in the posts down is beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, thank you for visiting me and seeing my Christmas Tree!
    Big Hugs,

  7. Love love love those penguins!! My favorite animal!! If they were just pink they would be perfect!! LOL

  8. Gorgeous photos! I would have loved to see the penguin display!


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