Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Elves of Winter Wonderland

The wee folk of Winter Wonderland all stay very busy!
They each have jobs to do.

This is the Santa Post Office.
As you can see this wee fella is over come with loads of mail!

Here is a wee crew making toys.

This is the bakery and those wee folks were really busy!

Can't forget the candy making shop...yummmy!!

Here we have others decorating the trees.

Also have the wee elves that care for all the Winter Wonderland animals.
I reckon if the salmon are not running canned will do...;-)

The pic in my header is also from the display , not mine...;-)


  1. Can I hire the entire crew to help on Saturday?

  2. This place is ADORABLE. Thanks for posting so many pictures of the scenes there. I linked people on my blog today to your previous post with the penguins...and used the penguin photos in my blog, too. THANKS, again, for taking them for me!

  3. Just looking at those little folks makes me smile. I am reminded of Christmas as a child and I get those feelings of wonderment. Thanks for reminding me :)


  4. Very pretty!

    Have a happy holidays!


  5. our pictures are just gorgeous. I love looking at all the Chrismassy things.

  6. ahhh, those bring back memories! I use to work at colemans. every year we spend weeks getting the displays set up. those gingham shirts that the elves in the bakery are wearing were made by me! I made 2 sets of shirts. first set was thrown out by a spiteful ex employee. I worked real hard for 3 days making the second set before the grand opening. I still see Ms Judy just about every week at my job at harris teeter. Mr twiford aka Mr T is is alittle house bound but doing good.
    (mauh) Liz

  7. Ah --so cute and sweet--thanks for sharing--I wondered where your header picture came from--thought maybe that was your living room!!
    Hugs, di

  8. Oh my, this brings back memories from my childhood. I grew up in Toledo, Ohio and we had a display at one of our local recreations centers just like that. Some of the figures were even animated. Now we're talking 40 years ago... it was a big deal.

    Thanks for transporting me back to my childhood!


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