Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tea Tuesday Christmas..

I do have holiday teapots . I will not be showing them all though.
I did not unpack any storage totes this year so will just be a couple I will share.

Yes this is a teapot! A musical one!
It was a birthday gift from my sweet Mama.
It sits on the old oak washstand that was my MIL, Miss Nellie's, as a child.
I use it in living room as a side table.
The gold framed piece is pictures of my Mama in her younger years.
The other photo is my sweet BFF in heaven, Brenda.
The runner is my Snowman Star .
Call it that as the star fabric I used is snowmen!;-)
Also a vintage Santa towel hanging on the towel bar.

Here below is my silver service set for tea or coffee.
Not a valuable set but I like how it looks set out.

Looks so pretty with these two pink rose tea cups on the tray.
Took this pic back in the Fall after we had polished the silverware.
I am like a magpie love shinny things.. haha!

Here it is now done up for Christmas.
These old 1980's Santa and Mrs Claus ornies and the other cuties are what we have used on our candy/cookie houses for years!
Just have not made one is a few years though!
Maybe next year. ;-)
I have cedar and more of my dried hydrangeas in the coffee pot.
All sits on an old chest in corner of dining room that I change the vintage table cloth out for the seasons.
I know I am showing what seems like a lot of decorations for someone who said she was not doing much this year!!
Truly this is very little compared to what I would normally do if I felt better!
I am liking the less is more though. ;-)

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  1. I would love to take a walk through your house. It seems so charming. I enjoy seeing bitty bits and pieces. HUGS

  2. You have such beautiful things....and so many sentimental ones. I really enjoy seeing your photos!

  3. Hi Lola,
    You have some wonderful things! I love your silver tea service with the teacups. You have a very charming home. Thank you for sharing and hope you're feeling better soon. Merry Christmas!


  4. It is so nice to see your cherished items for Christmas. How blessed you are to be able to enjoy them in your home.

  5. Your musical teapot is wonderful, so very happy. Love the little snowmen on it! Your decorations are lovely.

  6. So lovely. I just love all of your sweet tea things and it warms my heart to know just how much you honor and cherish all of the lovely things you have received from your family and friends. Have a great week!!

  7. Maybe you do not feel well enough to do alot of decorating but sometimes little treasures are just as enjoyable as a whole lot of "stuff"--and you are sharing it with all your friends!!
    I sure hope you get to feeling like a healthy active person real soon~!
    Hugs, Di

  8. I love your musical teapot, Lola! Its adorable, and just looks like something you would have in your home..very sweet and collectible. And I love the silver teaset...you did a wonderful job of decorating it for Christmas...all of your decorations are so nice...I think you have enough out...not to worry about having more, but I am so sorry that the reason is your not feeling good. I am praying or you, that you feel better soon, and that God heals you and gives you strength for the coming days.

    Will email you soon.

    God bless you!

  9. I think your tea things look so lovely. As do your decorations. We have not even started with Christmas decorations :-( Maybe this weekend.

  10. That is the most wonderful teapot!


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