Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yes I did it...

This Granny Santy figured out how to grant the wish of one wee grand son for me to make him a snake. Yes a snake! So some drawing ,cutting, stitching, stuffing and one bag of navy beans later it is done!

When he is tired of the snake he can have beans for supper... haha!
Sorry just some Granny Santy humor here!

When the TN grands were here they all decided Granny could make 'anything'.. yeah right.
Anyway some picked out fabric along with what they would like made with it.
Others just threw out some handmade wishes.
So far I not only have the snake done but a wallet , a crayon roll and a tool roll up.
Now working on a baby doll quilt for Amelia from fabric she loved to play with that was in a basket.
I am so upset I did not get a pic of her doing that here on the sewing room floor!
Also more crayon roll ups to do and a few other things!!
So the Granny Santy Workshop is still in full swing!

Here is a blue work Snow Fella Quilt I made a few years ago.
He normally sticks around till maybe late February...;-)

Okay back to work!!
Pillowcase making factory in session here!!
Hope every one is enjoying the days up till Dec 25th!


  1. oh well done the snake looks radical (for a snake)hehehe,I am sure grandson will be rapt with it..cheers Vickie

  2. GREAT job on that snake. I didn't know you had the grands place "orders" for gifts! I hope you didn't promise to get them all done before Christmas.

  3. Your snake is fabulous. Did you look at one of my old posts with a snake on it as it does look like a python LOL.
    Sounds like you are having fun making gifts for the granndies.

  4. Your sewing machine must be smoking hot. Mine are all done and I am sitting back, enjoying seeing what others are making.

  5. That snake is absolutely adorable! I know that one will be well loved.

  6. What a nice grandma you are! Love that snake... he doesn't look too scary.

    The 'bluework' snowman is adorable. I loooove snowmen (did I already tell you that?)

    I think I might whip up a couple of Christmas Eve pillowcases for my daughter. Not now, though. Not until vacation starts! (5 more school days. hurray)

  7. Well now I'm not into snakes but that one is adorable!!!
    Love the other gifts you made for your blessings too!

  8. What a cute snake! You sound really busy, sew, sew like the wind!

  9. I just "figured" it out--this Santa workshop/factory must be on lay-off--cause not much is getting done in the way of "gifts"--just can't seem to get motivated on that issue???? but all your gifty's are delightful--keep stitching!!!
    Hugs, Di

  10. So much to do, so much to do. I don't think I will make it, but that's okay. Enjoy your pillowcase factory.

  11. OOh! I love that snake! what a lucky boy!! he's going to love it!


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