Monday, December 7, 2009

Simple Mantle

I just pulled things I had here and there for this one.
No going into storage and pulling bins.

The cedar is from one of our trees.
I can freshen it up as needed.
White lights under it lights it up with a soft glow.
The redbird art work stay up there all the time.
I did remove Aunt Alma's blue bird needlepoint to put up the snow folks window.
This was a gift to me from a very dear friend a couple years ago.
The lamps and old bottles also are there all the time.

The wool pears were made by a talented gal in Texas.
The stitchery is one I did.
Also more of those dried hydrangeas...:-)

These cards I am using are from a box of vintage ones I found
At local thrift. They are cut outs with ties on them.
So vintage pretty I think with some sparkle on them.

Love this one too.
May do up a tree one year with just these on it and white lights.
So for a wee bit of trouble we have a pretty mantle.


  1. Simply looks quite elegant!

  2. So pretty! It really looks like Christmas at your house!

  3. Seeing everyones beautiful Xmas decorations makes me realise I must get my boxes out of the cupboard and put them up.

  4. Oh so darned festive and inviting!!

  5. Very pretty. The window with the snow folks is really cute what a nice gift to have received!

  6. Your decorations are so lovely - you have so much festive 'stuff'. I really need to take some photos and post them on my blog. Ummm... maybe I should vacuum first, though. haha

  7. Love your decorations and your talent for putting it all together--great job!!
    Hugs, Di

  8. Oh Lola, it's just so beautiful. You really have the knack. The wool pears are super. Cheers, Ann :)

  9. Oh, love love love your mantel display! The lighting really adds to it. Some great decorating ideas here, thank you! Now to get out those holiday decorations...


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