Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Santy Claus

Dear Santy Claus,

It has come to my attention that the folks at the Fat Quarter Shop are helping you out this year!

Oh my goodness how cool is that!!!!!

I am just now getting around to writing my letter to you .

Yes that is me always behind!!

I have just not had time to think of my own wish list up till now!

I have been so busy being a very good gal doing my own Santy Granny thing here.

Sewing stuff for the sweet little dears, shopping and of course baking.

Yes my dear Santy Claus you will have some delish snacks on your treat plate by the hearth as always!

Shhhh.. of course the ‘pick me up shot’ will also be in its same secret spot!!

Would never forget that!!;-)

I do not want to be greedy kind sir but just one of these bundles in my sock would make me ever so happy!!

I would adore a Sandy Gervais’ Essence Fat Quarter Bundle!!

Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Homefront Fat Quarter Bundle would also be very very nice.

So if I am lucky enough to be chosen either one would make me happy so you can decide!!

If I am not the lucky one..well don’t you worry your sweet lil white whiskers one bit!

I will not be mad at you dear Santy Claus.

I would be happy to see any one of my sweet bloggy pals have a wish come true!!

Now you take care and do drive with care on Christmas Eve..lots of satellites up there these days!!

Hugs and kisses to you and dear Mrs. Claus!!




  1. are sweet since you'd be okay with one of us winning instead of you. hehehehe

  2. see santa, she don't mind if I win. haha

  3. Cute write ... hope you win.

    Follow/read us on new blog @

    Merry Christmas ~
    TTFN ~Marydon

  4. Ha! You give Santy Claus liquor too? hehe.

    Hope you get what you wish for!

  5. Hi Lola--I love your Santa letter--so cute--may all your wishes come true!!!
    Hugs, Di
    PS any of the "goodies" left over--I might be able to give you some ideas in what to do with them?????

  6. Love your Letter!!! Calling all bloggers I am having a huge giveaway on my blog and will be adding a new item everyday until 12/24. check it out.

  7. Ha, that made me smile. I love to smile!. Hope you win!

  8. Great Letter Lola. Hope you win! Ann :-)


Luv hear'in from ya!!