Friday, December 11, 2009

Reason For The Season

In the 1982 fire at Coleman's Nursery amazingly the nativity was undamaged!
It had it's own wooden shed outside, first thing you saw.
When you saw the lights on it lit you knew Coleman's was ready for Christmas visitors.

It is not part of the Coleman Collection now.
Because the nativity scene can not be displayed on public property.
So Monumental United Methodist Church bought it and lovingly refurbished the figures .
Had a special manger scene built to display it in the small chapel.

The camel is so sweet looking and he moves his head.

It amazes me that so many other Christmas decorations can be displayed in public/government places but yet this has to be a block away tucked inside a small chapel!

This concludes my sharing of the Coleman Collection.
Hope you enjoyed seeing it!! ;-)


  1. I share your sentiments about the Christmas decoration. I never minded (in the past...many years NJ) when I saw Hannukah decorations displayed publicly....I like ALL I felt badly when there started to be an outcry that resulted in decorations like nativity scenes being banned publicly. Like you say...trees are okay but not nativity many places. Something sad about how we can't accept each other's religious decorations....*sigh* This nativity is lovely and I"m glad the church took it and displays it. In our area, there is a wonderful living nativity for 2 nights each season and we love to go see it.

  2. My Nativity scene is my favorite Christmas decoration. And we got it as a wedding gift in April, imagine that. It's beautiful! However, I feel I don't have it displayed corrected because I don't have alot of room. It's on our kitchen bar facing the living room, and I always have a light shinning on it. Best I can do for now, maybe one day it will have it's "spotlight".

  3. That is a gorgeous nativity set. I am so glad that it is still so lovingly displayed today. It truly is the reason for the season.

  4. what a beautiful nativity scene! Thanks so much for sharing it.


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