Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birds of a feather...

...flock together...or hang out on my other small tree!
Yes I call this one The Bridie Tree...;-)

It is sitting on a antique desk at end of sofa.
This is another runner I made, a bit smaller then other one on sewing machine.

All different kinds of bird ornies on here.
The lil bird with pine cone in the nest was my Mama's .
DH finds the nests and brings them to me.
Mama also loved those ornie kits .
That is where the two tiny bird houses are from.
A cute glass red bird rest nearby as well.

I have 2 of the old vintage birds from Great Aunt Mary on here.
Feathered red bird on a nest and another glass pinkish bird with white feather tail!
I will say I have two of each bird just not showing them.

Here is red and gold glass bird with feather tail also.
Under there is a glass ornie of a bird on a nest.
More of my dried hydrangeas,
The cream icicles are pretty on here.
Had them a while.
So there ya second tree!


  1. This is such a pretty little tree! Thanks for showing it.

  2. Love your decorations!

    Have a happy holidays!

  3. Ah!!! another "bird" lover at Christmas --I also have some birds on my tree and if I can find some old fashioned dark blue glitter I want to make some birds for my blue and white tree (every thing now is the glitter glue pens)
    Hugs, Di

  4. Gosh Lola, your home is a veritabel Christmas Castle. So mnay beautiful objects on display. Ann :)


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