Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Yes UFO's... No not the kind from Mars!
The kind lurking in my sewing room/studio/mess...or whatever you want to call it room!
Here are just a couple of them that have been here a while.
A pile of pretty log cabin blocks. Also part of a block swap.

I made more too so I could do a bigger top.
Oh me!! These may become a nice chest or table runner.

Next is a purple n paisley set of blocks for a quilt but alas no more fabric to finish ...or I can't find it anyway!!!!

Now these may become something else too..we shall see.
Will take them with me to LQS to see about some fab to go with them.
So next time you think you are the only one with 'Completion Issues'...well just come on back to my blog, as I am sure I will have more such posts in the future!!!
At least I don't do this when I am painting walls or such! Ha!!!!

Gotta find the up side ya know!!


  1. Yep, I'm with you! I have more UFO's in my box too :-(

  2. I think we all have completion issues! I am always looking at things to start before I finish the previous thing.

  3. I feel your pain, I too have completion "itis"

  4. We all have UFOS and they always seem to be there.

  5. I'm there, too. I am trying to be working on one UFO at all times: 1 UFO, 1 charity quilt, and 1 new project. I am hopeing that this way I will be able to clear off that shelf. lol


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