Friday, July 17, 2009

Christmas in July

Yes it is time to begin to think about Christmas!
So may sales now in LQS’s with this theme too.
So I decided this would be my project to try to have done by Nov!
Another UFO…my Christmas Candle top.
This is a lap quilt but I will use as a hanging or drape over the Old Singer in living room.
Just have to sandwich it and quilt.
Going to just do an outline quilting I think.
Got to decide if it will be done in red or green ‘arty’ thread….hummm.
Any comments??? Suggestions???

Very plugged in today with the corn!!
We got it all shucked last night.
Today is blanching and bagging.
If I still can stand after that will do the butter beans! Ha!
Doing corn brings back memories.
Used to do loads more than this when all the kids were small.
They would sing ..CORN DAY CORN DAY. Corn for breakfast, dinner, and supper… ha!!
We would spread the ears with homemade butter that Miz Doris,now 90, made from milking her cow.
When that cow died no more butter..;-(
I do want to take the day off tomorrow.
Need to have a day away off the farm.
Niece D and I may go to Smithfield to check out some new antique shops.
Also a flag shop where I want to look for some new ones.
Big Christmas Shop too!!
There is a tea shop if open and a coffee & pastry shop.
Big Farmer’s Market that opens early that sells all kinds of things not just produce.
Pork, Pine and Peanut Festival is going on in Surry County this weekend.
We will not be attending. Seems to us has gone downhill in last few years.
The level of artist/crafter’s work and imports, just not a high quality hand crafted show anymore.
Hate to see this happen to such a long standing show.
Maybe with new folks on committee it will improve again.
Hope we all have a great weekend!!!
Monday.. Monday will be here in a blink!!!
( can ya hear the Mama’s and Papa’s singing that???)


  1. I love your candle lap quilt, just right to keep you warm.
    Isn't it sad to see all the handmade items go away at all the craft fairs. I tell you if more people did handmade they would see there is still a calling for it.
    Keep Stitchen'

  2. What about a red/green variegated thread? Your corn looks fantastic. Reminds me of my aunt & unlcle' farm - as does the homemade butter. Sounds like you have a fantastic day planned in Smithfield. Enjoy! Ann :)

  3. Totally not related: I need your e-address for the block exchange. Can you send it to me?

  4. You're candle quilt is adorable! I think I would use green thread, but a variegated might be nice too. I can't wait to see it done!

  5. The quilt is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see it.

  6. Oh...I think a design through all the sashing would be so pretty! Probably lots more work than what you'd want for a Christmas quilt...but gosh it would be so pretty! Also must comment....canning sweet pickles and it but don't have the talent for it. I sure enjoy seeing others do it. Makes me hungry!

  7. Hi sweetie! I came over for Teacup Tuesday, but the quilt was a nice thing to see, oh, and that corn, yummy!


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