Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tiny Teacup Tuesday and a hen…

Are you up for a spot of tea?? Tray all set! A very smallish cup o tea that is.. Ha!!
I bought this nice ornie Sat at The Christmas Store in Smithfield,VA!
It will go along nicely with the small tea pot and tea cup ornies I showed last week!!
I also purchased this sweet ornie.
A hen on her nest with biddies peeping out!
Love it! I already have a pretty rooster ornie my DH bought for me many years ago.
Sorry for posting late!!!!
I got caught up doing the 'mater canning and slipped my mind!
I normally do these up ahead but behind on that this week too!!!!
Please go tot Kim's blog to see other posters for Teacup Tuesday!


  1. Very nice.Love the little hen =-)

  2. Oh how adorable! What a cute little "set" that is! Happy Teacup Tuesday!

  3. Con't you just love the mini sets like this ... cute! TTFN ~Marydon

  4. How sweet!! I love those miniture tea set ornaments. Wouldn't it be fun to have a whole christmas tree decorated with tea things?? I think it would look spectacular.

  5. How cute is that and I love that adorable hen.

  6. Cute tea set, and a darling hen ornament :-)

  7. They are impossibly sweet! Ann :)

  8. Oh how cute. Love the little tea set and the hen is adorable.


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