Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday trip to Windsor ...

Okay yesterday Deb and I checked out a LQS in Windsor.
Was very nice gals there in a small lil shop set out in the country.
I think it will become a very good one given time.
Right now the fabric choices were limited and not as much newer fabs.
They ordered a cutter so soon will be able to do the strips , etc.
She is updating her site and also the shop offerings also.
Below is some 1/2 yrd cuts I got for 10% off!!
Snowfolks, Jack'os and the Thimbleberries Owls.YUM!

Here are the fats I got for 1.5o each!!
Pepper Cory for Telegraph Road Studio, sort of '30s to me.
I will go back and keep check on fabrics and to get to know them!!!
I love machine applique and did not see too much of it there or my 'kind'...ha!!!
Last Sat in Smithfield also checked out a few yard sales and for just 1.75 I got a shirt, shorts and a pretty sun dress!
Made a run out to the 2 thrift stores in town.
One had nada but second was a charm!
Got two compression quilt wall hangers, oak, 43” for 1.98 each!!!!
Like 90 bucks worth!! Pays to check all those bins folks!!
Along with a neat ‘sewing’ themed 2 yard piece of fabric.
Think I will make Deb a sewing themed gift for her BD coming up in Aug!
So that is my post for the day for Friday Finds , plus! Ha!!
Crossing fingers we will get some showers here, we so need them.
May try for a yard sale or two tomorrow.
Hope every one has a great weekend!!!
See ya Monday!!!!


  1. WOW......what a FIND with those quilt hangers at that crazy-low price!!!

  2. Hey, you picked up some pretty nice fabrics!

    You'd NEVER find a fat quarter for $1.75 here. Nope. $4.00 is about the cheapest I've ever paid.

    I wonder if there are any good fabric stores in San Francisco...? That's where I'm headed tomorrow morning!!!!

  3. You did get a super duper deal on the quilt go girl!!!! Liked the seasonal 1/2 yards - I hope the little quilt store does take off and flourishes.......makes you feel good when locals can hold their own.

  4. Great finds! Neat quilt hangers and nice fabrics. Hope the litle quilt shop takes off!

  5. Quilter hangers for $1.98! Amazing bargain. Good finds on the fabric. You certainly did well. Ann :)

  6. Wow You did good!! Very nice find!

  7. You are this week's thrift shop PRO! Way to go, girl.

  8. Great deals girl! Don't you just love it when you find a bargain like that??

  9. Gret deals and hope you enjoy picking out the fabric!

  10. Super material did I see some Halloween colors in there....sweet finds....


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