Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All done...

...for now!
Winter pantry is well stocked with some veggies and pickles.
Soon to be added will be pears, fig and some jellies.
We will be gifted some apple butter, honey and other 'sweet jars' so we will have plenty to top a scone or biscuit or two!!
Have lots of fresh frozen fruit as well.
Add to this the potatoes, sweet, red and white cookers we are good to go!

Have plenty of snaps and tomatoes in the cartons also.

Shelf full of new corn. Will place older corn on top.

Butter beans from this years bushel. Also place the older ones on top to use first.
Should be getting the peas sometime in next week or so.
Okra is bearing but not a lot. Peppers too are few and slow as we lost some plants to wilt. Have enjoyed some eggplant already too YUM!
I do feel good knowing we have fresh food that we have prepared with no additives, etc. Makes me feel like the farm gals of old and proud !!It will all make some fine soups, stews, sauces and sides dishes come winter.
Still have fresh to eat now.
Fall garden will be planted soon so lots of greens.
Well as soon as I rest up from this frenzy will finish sewing those small projects to share with you.
Also send out my last PIF!!


  1. It looks wonderful Lola! A veritable feast. I haven't had apple butter since I was a child. Aahh, memories.
    Ann :)

  2. Gee...maybe I'll show up for dinner once (or twice or half a dozen times) over the winter months!!! LOL

  3. ahhh, gotta love fresh veggies

  4. Aren't they purty, all lined up like that? We had to buy a freezer last week. So far, only raspberry jelly made, with most of the berries frozen. We've had 55 pounds so far. Now we are drying cilantro. Your season is WAY ahead of us.

  5. Yum! It all looks wonderful!

  6. What a wonderful winter you will have ... yum! TTFN ~Marydon

  7. Looks like you hada a wonderful garden this year! Mine is not doing as well as I would like due to the weather (its been so weird!) but hopefully some corn and pumpkins will do well!

  8. What a wonderful sight. There's nothing better than home canned/frozen foods. Enjoy!

  9. Lola, it looks wonderful! I wish that I had room for the supplies, and the apple butter does sound yummy!

  10. Can you fill my pantry? Looks devine! I never did learn how to preserve my own and am envious to all who know how.


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