Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tomatoes and Watermelons

Yes we got 'em!!
Now what to do with 'em!!
Maybe a purse or a tote bag.
Yeps..these here are keepers and not in jars!!! ;-)
Nice weight Deb Mumm fabs got on sale at Joann's.
Now could be after this week I may just not want to SEE any more tomatoes of any kind!!
At least for a bit after I can , can and can!
No, not the French can can , no leg kickin here!
The few Romas we have are loaded so got to get to work!!
Ahhh sweet Summer the season of "put up for Winter goodness"!!!


  1. Ah.....I"m glad your plants didn't get that blight a lot of them got this year. I have a friend who is a master gardener in our county and she said their phone has been ringing off the hook this year about that. We lost all but our cherry tomato plants. *sigh* ENJOY (the fabric AND the real tomatoes)!

  2. Love the fabric! Gorgeous. I don't have enought tomatoes to preserve so far but am anxiously awaiting.

  3. We have put up over 20 pounds of raspberries and I'm anxiously awaiting my tomatoes. The cilantro for the salsa is ready NOW, darn it.

    Oh, love the fabric. And Debbie Mumm.

  4. Who would have thought tomato fabric could be so pretty, but that fabric is beautiful. Maybe worth a trip to Joannes. We're having problems with growing tomatoes again this year, so maybe the fabric would be the best harvest we get this year.

  5. Beautiful fabrics... now that's the way to keep your tomatoes ripe and fresh!

    I can hardly wait until the little green bumps on my tomato plants turn in to the real thing. It will be magic!

  6. Lovely fabrics looks like summer!
    Unfornately our tomatoes are not faring well again this year :(

  7. Wonderful summer fabrics, loads of summer produce. The best of Summer. Ann :)


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