Thursday, July 16, 2009

In a pickle...

…..sweet ones that is!
I got my batches of sweet pickle all done today.
From the lime soak to processed jars!
Now no longer any danger of my chicken salad not tasting just like it should!

Today Sadie Pup and I are off in our truck to pick up corn and butter beans at a local farmers. They called today for our order.
They will go in freezer so the canner can rest a bit.
Still yet more tomatoes to can.
This pan full above now waiting on me and more to pick.

Did these Roma’s to use as soup or sauce already.
Had a smidgen left over so added the lil chicks and had lunch!
The growing season is moving right along here.
We do not have as much as we thought we would have.
Have not got the rain along we started off with.
Oh well.. have what we have and will be happy with it too!!
I am thinking the pears will be ready before too long for preserves .
I do hope we get some rain to plump up those figs.
I have to say nothing better on a cold gray damp winter morning then a hot biscuit with some butter and fig or pear preserves on it!!!
As soon as I finish laying up my Winter pantry I will be ready for FALL to happen! Yes in maybe 2 weeks!! Ha!!!
No sewing. Just could not fit it all in.
I sure wish my body could keep up with my mind and my plans!
Will have to get serious on it as soon as my canning and freezing days are finished for the year!!
I have those UFO's along with a couple other things started and a long list for the holidays to complete.
Oh Lord who am I kidding....not all going to happen!!! Haa!!


  1. GOOD job with all that food preserving you are doing!

  2. yum at those pickles. I made some a week ago as well as 14 pints of green beans

  3. I love how you put it...having your body keep up with your mind! Now I have found away to describe how I often feel, so many ideas and plans lurking in my head but never enough time or energy to get it all done!

  4. Great pictures!! Such a sense of accomplishment. We have picked over 30 pounds of raspberries and are just ready to harvest the cilantro. Will dehydrate that. It's a long way 'til pears and prunes and apples here, but it's time to start digging potatoes.

  5. Hey - don't talk about FALL yet. Summer's barely begun here!

    We had a salad made from lettuce from our very own garden last night. It's the only thing that's ready to pick. Lots of tomatoes on the plants, though. I hope they have the chance to ripen.

  6. Wow such yummy looking veggies. We did not have a very large crop. Just enough for a meal or two. But my dd had fun learning about a garden :-)

  7. You must be quite satisified in winter when you open a jar of your wonderful preserves. It's an awful lot of work at the time but well worth it. I can almost taste those tomatoes from here......Ann :)

  8. I love home canned foods. I grew up in a very large family and we pick our own produce at the local farms. When we got home we set up our own production line while canning and/or freezing our goods. I can remember the mess we would make when canning beets. Somehow it would splatter up on the cupboards too. I still can things, but not as much as when all the kids lived at home.

  9. I forgot to mention, I have a great biscuit recipe if you're interested. I've been making these biscuits for years and always have requests for them from friends and family.

  10. I miss my father's bread and butter pickles, Virginia chunk pickles, and his dill pickles he perfected over the years. I think I need to put some up, as it's been to long. Our pear trees are full this year too, so more pears in pineapple juice are going to be canned. Thanks for the motivation!


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