Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wool & Cotton

 Any guesses as to what I am working on? Let me see black and dark orange wool...

Now what is this quilt block called..... hummm.

A ...maybe a SNOW FELLA!

Yes I am still in snow mode even though we did not get any of the cold white stuff here, thankfully. The freezing cold came alone, which was enough! Now our TV weather folks are calling for some snow flakes to maybe fall early tomorrow. We shall see. I have an early appt in big city across the wide river so I am hoping they are wrong!
Today was very foggy and got worse as the morning went along. We have had so much rain here our yard and fields are like walking on a ozzy sponge! Just hope all the water hangs around for when we will need it come warm weather and planting time!

We took the Christmas all down which was not that much this year. I keep my snow folks out for a bit as we enjoy them so much. Now I am moving stuff around. I like to do that after the holidays. Give the old place a newish feel. Still have a bit to go till I will call it done.

Still looking for just the right place to put my wool. May not fit in sewing room. Shall see may have to redo some storage drawers or such. Still have not sorted all the patterns. Some will list to sell others give away or donate. If I get those drawers done may just have enough room for some of my smaller bits of wool. Reckon that can be a goal for Jan and Feb 2014!

Better stop now before I end up with GOAL over load!!


  1. Goal overload... I hear ya. I sat down a couple of nights ago and went through my book shelf. I went from three shelves down to one. Now I need to go through my quilting magazine collection and whittle that one down. Luckily, I'm chairperson for the committee that also handles our trash to teasure stuff. It will be getting a HUGE donation. LOL!

    This is the year of making sure eveything I have works for me, versus me working for it.

  2. I'm with you all the way Lola, my word for this year is purge, and I really need to get busy. My sewing and craft room is loaded to the gills, and it's just to easy to gasp and close the door!

  3. I adore Snowmen and luckily there's no rule saying you can't make them whenever you want!

  4. Snowmen are my favorite Lola and I keep mine snow people out until it's time for the Valentines.


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