Friday, January 24, 2014

Mr. Winter
So here  is Mr. Winter all quilted and set to go. Really like how he turned out.
Used the DMC and quilted around the nose, eyes and smile. They are all wool.
Outlined the head and the star border sky. Did the patch work in X's.
His wool hat needs lint rolled!;-)
 Did cut out a wool snowflake with the GO! and added to the top.
I am pleased with the project. Now to get one more done!
 I did the triangle in corner bit to use a dowel for hanger. Need to cut to fit. I also have a label to add.
Do hope the birthday gal will love him as much as I do!
We got a taste of the Winter whites here. We have had such terribly low temps.
Yes that is still a Christmas flag up! Got to put up regular one!
It may look like snow but it  became 2inches or so of ice.
Here is my Mister breaking the ice and clearing walkways.
On top of this we also were with out power for few hours during night with temps down to 5F.
Were so worried over pump and pipes. We had gas logs on so we stayed in living room.
We have been dripping and set heat up for a goodly bit now. We still have Feb to get through before we can stop worrying over Winter's chill and bite!

Today very cold and windy but sun and VDOT workers have cleared most roads I need to use today.
So back to big city I go!


  1. Lucky birthday girl. Mr Snowman is gorgeous ..
    Love your snow pictures. I just got out of a cold shower and have the fan on me I. Bed.. Sew hot here.

  2. Stay warm! The plus side of the cold temps will hopefully be less bugs in the summer. At least there is one benefit. If that. LOL!

  3. Love your Mr. Winter. Turned out really well. I am use to that cold stuff and ice; don't really like it a lot. lol Hope the chill won't last long.

  4. Well Mr Snowman is such a handsome fellow. We have such mild winters here in Sydney. It's difficult to imagine how much trouble all that snow and can cause. Keep safe and warm.

  5. The gift really came out nice!

    I hope you all stay safe and warm! Safe travels as you go to & from town.

  6. He turned out so cute! I am sure it will be loved. At least he will be happy with all this cold weather. No chance of him melting. Poor C, hopefully it will be his last time for shoveling.

  7. Good looking man and yes the DH too--he is good to you to shovel!!
    keep working and soon the second one will be done--
    I am chilly and ready for a hot cup of tea!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  8. I love it! He really turned out quite adorable.
    As far as I'm concerned, Old Man Winter can leave at any time, and it's only January!

  9. Love your snowman, the felt snowflake add that extra touch, good idea.. I wish we had snow here... but I do hope you don't get any damaged pipes.. xxx


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