Monday, January 20, 2014

Tops done..
 ..on these two cotton and wool projects. They are about 12" X 24". So cute!
Need to decide on how I will quilt and finish. May do the big stitch quilting with DMC.
Have yet to choose backing fabric. Would like one to be done by Saturday!
So will see how it goes!

Off today for another med/dr appt. This is one I always dread. So would appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers you could send up/out for me!


  1. I am thinking and praying for you right now--pray all goes well for you!! I have to go get my B-12 injection in about an hour--it is about a 2 block walk and it is cold out there today and snowing some!!!!
    Love, di and miss gracie-
    oh--miss gracie and I like those snowmen!!!!

  2. Too cute!! You are being nice and productive. Lots and lots of good wishes and prayers for the doctor appt.

  3. Hope your appt we t well! I love the big stitch...keeps it prim.

  4. I love your handsome!

    Praying for a good appointment today :)

  5. Good thoughts and prayers, hope all went your snowmen

  6. I pray all went well with your appointment Lola. Great snowmen!

  7. Who doesn't love a snowman! Cute, cute.


Luv hear'in from ya!!