Monday, January 27, 2014

more snow.....

 ..well the fabric kind. Yes another snowman project! On the design wall.
 These squares are now a top! Have had them a goodly bit! (hang'n head in shame)Where from a block swap in a long ago group on yahoo.When I decided to re-think the bigger quilt idea I came up with smaller more doable projects! We can change our minds ya know. ;-)
 Used a mini charm pack of prim gatherings snow men.
 Came out 16X27..I know strange but it works. Will use the snow/cream fabric as binding.
Thinking will do the big stitch quilting on this one too. Starting to like it and my hands do not hurt as much !;-)
This is the block pattern, Snow Heart. It is an old one from Meme's Quilts. I have a lot of her patterns and still love them!

Okay have a couple more snowman projects I plan to get further along if not finished this Winter!
So much I want to do as soon as I can! May have some down time soon. So want to have plenty  of hand work ready to go.  That will be some stitcheries and a lot of wool projects or I am hoping!!

We are in a heat wave! 40's today though still a bit cloudy . Most of the ice and snow has melted away. Just a few bitty spots here n there. Mama used to say "wait'n 'round for more"...hope not.  TV talking weather heads are calling for chance again middle week! NO!!!!
Hope not as Alice and I have planned a make up sew day! Last week snow/ice came and canceled that one!

Best get a wiggle on and do some chores so I can get busy without feeling guilty!


  1. Snowmen are great to stitch in any kind of weather--
    those are cute too and different as they are an older design!!! and I do hope that you and Alice will be able to get together on Wed--
    now here--we are very chilly and tomorrow will be worse with the wind they say!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  2. Happy heat wave! Hope the next round of cold isn't too bad. At least the snowmen won't melt ;)

  3. Much better view than on my phone! Very cute snowy men. Looks like we might get more than you this time--silly weather!

  4. You are on a roll!!! Hope you and Alice get that sewing day in :) xxx


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