Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hey Hey Snowflake!

Snow flake my pretty little snowflake
Ooh, ooh, the change in the weather
Has made it better for me.
Hey-ey-ey snowflake, my pretty little snowflake
You've got me warm as a fire
With the burning desire for you.

The ice was breaking and
Love was waking in a winter wonderland.
When I felt you slip your fingers in my hand.
Now snow is gleaming and
I'm not dreaming I know this is for real.
The love I have is too much to conceal.

Hey-ey-ey snowflake
My pretty little snowflake
Ooh, ooh, the change in the weather
has made it better for me.

Mama used to sing that song when it snowed!;-)
 We have 6 to 8 inches depends on area you are in . Wind also created some deeper drifts here and there.
 I cleared  all this off with a broom! Yes it is the dry powder kind of snow.
The was 4inches piles on bushed . Reminded me of pie meringue! Knocked off bushes. We are to be even colder tonight. Crazy weather for us here. Last major dumping of this mess here was 2010.
 My 'hog lot' boots from Tractor Supply worked great.
 Our back yard! So pretty field is pretty covered. Beautiful!
 Snow in the tree line. Look at the pretty sky! Sun is up so even with cold temps it will melt some of this away. Course will freeze tonight with single digits.
DH made me come in! Red cheeks! Okay sorry but no makeup along with crazy hair after cap come off could be scarey!
I enjoy the snow as long as I do not have to be driving out in it or we lose power! Yes I can drive in it.
Dad used to say to us ...have enough sense to know when to stay off the roads. Ice is the great equalizer. Grew up in lands of Winter. Lived in many lands of Winter. Here in this part of the south not the norm.
Saw only 2 vehicles on road. No way will we be high on the list for plowing or such!

Later snow cream and may try to play out some more!!!!;-)
Well I did sew more snowfolk!
Cute stitchery swap block. Used some scraps leftover from a Fall project.
Works for me. Now to quilt it !!

 DH happy in kitchen baking and such! So more sewing for me today!


  1. I love that snow block--and it is always fun to be able to use up leftovers before they spoil!!!!lol
    here it is just cold cold cold--and we only have the 6 or inches from a snow storm a while ago now--been too cold to melt any of it--may start melting Sat--suppose to get a heat wave of above 32!!!!!
    love, di and miss gracie

  2. I need boots! I stayed in and watched boy and dog. Your snowman block is very cute! I like!

  3. I am so cold but we have no snow...cute block

  4. The snow does look very pretty where you are. Love the snow stichery... how will you quilt it? I'm always curious about quilting stitchery.

  5. The snow is beautiful across the field!


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