Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pretty Flowers on a Rainy Day

 Front porch rails play a supporting role to the pretty Clematis growing up on them.
There is a very pretty  dark red which seems to be the less robust one.
 Now the purple Clematis goes wild! So full of blooms !I would love to see them one year go up the roof support sections! Have not bought any hanging basket flowers yet or moved any plants outdoors yet. Maybe by next weekend. Our weather has went from cold to warm to hot to cool again. Wind was whipping a good clip too. So hope things calm down a bit in next week.
We are getting some much needed rain today! Also under Nor'easter chance as well! UGH!
 Meggie wanted some Iris pics. Here are a couple. took more but seems they were blurry!
These are gold ones. Yes gold! So neat mixed with the purple which have done bloomed and gone.
These are some new ones. Just put in ground back here when we were given them temporary. They will be moved later. Have more  iris and other plants to move from Aunt Dot's to here. Just have not been able to do much outside in a long while. So DH will just keep grass cut, do some mulch and try to keep weeds to a minimum for another year. I do hope I will be able to be back outside doing things  in 2013!

We went to the knee replacement work shop my surgeon requires.. WOW! A lot to take in!Was impressed with all the improvements to the surgery and the replacement joint.
I am dreading it yes, but also looking forward to 6mths down the road being able to say ..SO GLAD I DID IT! So much prep though. Appts and buying equipment, rearranging rooms! Getting my helpers lined up for when DH has to go back to work.
We are trying to get our small home ready for the walker and other things we will be dealing with here.
Now if only we could explain what is to happen and what needs doing to fur kitty babes, Marmalade and Cocoa! They have some habits that will have to be adjusted! Such as  jumping into Mom's lap via the legs. Cocoa will have to give up her bird-feeder watching perch on the bed in guestroom! Oh Dear!

Today I am gathering needed threads and buttons in the work basket for some red-work. Have some wool to cut on the GO! for another hand project. 
Will be a couple weeks before I will feel up to doing any but want to be ready! As far as when I will be in sewing room sewing idea. Maybe when I am able to drive myself to PT which could be 4 to 6 weeks in. Something to look forward too!!!

Okay back to my thread sorting and making up kits!
Enjoy your Sunday!

I am dealing so far so good with the new Blogger.
Think best just to learn to work with it and go on!


  1. Your clematis and iris are beautiful! Hope all goes well with the surgery! :0)

  2. Seems like you are prepared for your up coming surgery. Hope it goes really smoothly for you!
    Your flowers are gorgeous! Looks like you have lots of beauty around your house. ♥♥♥

  3. Your yard is so beautiful Lola, I love your clematis! I know with therapy you're going to do great with your surgery. Here's to next summer!!

  4. Your flowers are beautiful. All my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  5. What beautiful flowers!! What date is your surgery? I'm sure it will go well. So many are thrilled with the outcome...even though they say the physical therapy is a bit difficult. I'm sure you will do fine!

  6. Yes, I better learn to work with it and go on as well....

    The flowers are simply gorgeous!

  7. The flowers are so pretty.

    It sounds like you are as ready as you can be for this surgery. Do you have a set date yet?

  8. Your flowers are beautiful! Thanks for the bearded iris photos. I didn't realize what an ordeal you will be going through with the knee surgery. If we were neighbors, I would be right there to help as long as you needed me. At least you can still post us updates after the surgery and the flower gardens will wait for you.

  9. All my irises are purple and gold. They look so pretty together. Can't wait until my clematis starts acting like yours--still I am happy it survived last year's draught and has lots more flowers this time.
    I think I might have to drop some of my stitcheries at your house. It may be the only way I ever get them done.

  10. Pretty, pretty flowers... miss them here! xxx


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