Monday, April 2, 2012

Wisteria Abundance!

We went to the family country cemetery Sunday to put out the Easter Spring flowers.
This is what greeted us! Wisteria all up in the back trees!

Just look at all the pretty purple Wisteria up in those trees!
Have never seen it this fully bloomed out and beautiful!

Was a beautiful backdrop for a final resting place!

DH did get his DIY on guestroom pretty much done! YES!
Has only to paint the closet doors and hang them back up.
Will get more pics when it is all together better.
For now must get house back in order and clean for Easter Sunday!

DH had a busy weekend for sure!
Had to get trimming done and grass cut after some rain and before more!
His BD is this Wednesday so will have to make him a very extra yummy birthday supper!

Okay back to work !
So much to do so little time as the say'n goes!!!
Hope ya'll have a good one too!


  1. HEY...your DH and mine share an April 4th b'day!!! Happy Happy to both of them! The wisteria looks pretty and the guest room looks so peaceful and relaxing!!!

  2. Love the wisteria--wish it was safe to plant in the yard. The streets are full around here too. The room looks gorgeous, such a cool green. HB to C!!!!

  3. Oh...that wisteria is gorgeous!!!

    The painted room looks fabulous too. I love the color.

    Happy BD to you DH!

  4. That Wisteria is gorgeous! We have some here and there along the NC Highway. Enjoy the b-day celebration!!

  5. What a sweet looking bedroom...any guest is sure to love it!

  6. The guest room is gorgeous. What a peaceful and serene place. Oh, wisteria - how I love wisteria. I once lived in an apartment that had a grape arbor outside the living room window and it was dripping with wisteria. What a gorgeous sight. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The wisteria is gorgeous! I see it everywhere but never really knew the name until today. Thanks for sharing! Now I can say "Do you see that Wisteria?" instead of "Do you see that pretty purple hanging flower?" LOL


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