Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Busy! Busy!

Really busy around here these days!
Have lots to do for Easter Sunday.
Had labs yesterday so off I went full circle!
From there to shop and do some errands and back home! Long day!
So today is some cleaning and preparing DH one of his fav meals for his BD supper tonight.
Not too stressful, simple meal. Linguine with white clam sauce. Doing a simple romaine salad.
I cheated and bought him a Cheesecake Factory Red Velvet Cake for dessert! ;-)

Yes Easter is upon us! I have my Hare fella sitting on the hearth. I made these to sell way back when craft shows were a good way to earn extra cash. My own pattern and design.

He sits with the old tattered quilt eggs in an old Easter Basket.

Here are the silly bunnies on the mantle! Enjoying their time out of hiding! ;-)
They will be packed away soon after Sunday!

The framed cross stitched egg is a gift from my sweet niece !
You really can't tell but I over-dyed the DMC so not bright.
She has been busy! Has one made for another friend as well.

May not be much posting here over rest of week!
Seems to take me forever to do stuff these days!
So will be doing my maid chores before the cook arrives for hers! hahaha!
Oh yeah the washing and ironing lady has to make appearance as well!
Oh the joys of being a split personality!!

On another note it looks like my right knee replacement will happen in May instead of June!
So have things I need to prepared for and get set up for when I am down.
One reason DH was put on DIY fast track for the guestroom/my recovery room redo!
Will have home therapy for 3 weeks then 3dys week for 9weeks!

I so hope you all will hang around even if I am not able to post for a while.
Hoping all goes well with surgery and I can made do with the left knee for a while longer!
Been hard having to deal with bad knees and the advanced Psoriatic Arthritis along with all my other issues!
Love to go and do and that has not been possible as much as I would have liked!
Sometimes have not even been able to use presser foot on my sewing machines!
YIKES! Can't have that!

Okay best get to it with my present high energy level!!!
It can deplete quickly!;-)


  1. Busy to say the least! Enjoy all the celebrating this week!

  2. Knee replacement? Oh my... thoughts are with you. Sending major energy and "git er done" vibes your way. Also healing vibes for all.

  3. You have been busy, and I will be as well getting ready for Easter Sunday and all the kids and grandkids. I had my right knee replacement 1 year ago last July, work hard at the therapy keep moving it was the best thing I did for myself in a long time. I can now run up and down the stairs to my sewing room. Make sure you have some handwork to do while you are recouping, but don't be hard on yourself if you don't feel like doing it, sometimes just knowing it's there if you want it is good.

  4. You are making me tired just listening to the list. The Easter decor is gorgeous as usual. Love the cross stitching and the purple sweater on the bunny of course.

  5. I love your Easter Deo!!!
    Mine are still in the tote in on the bedroom floor!!!! Just seem to have to stitch all the time so nothing else gets done!!!
    My daughter had a knee replacement a couple years ago at the age of 40--she did ok--just do your 'homework' that they tell you and don't do more than they tell you--
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  6. It has been busy over here as well...sheweee...but I love all of your Easter stuff!

  7. You and your DH have been working your behinds off!!! Guest room looks lovely! Hope all goes well with your replacement. Two friends from days gone by had theirs done recently and getting along fine. Both lost 11 lbs! Figure they are more active now than before. Though one is just starting to get around without bad pain but she has MS too. My right knee I did something too last year in May I did something else to a month or so ago still twice the normal size. Hurt the first day BAD but liveable since. My cart at Wal-mart got away unbeknown to me and I went to get another bag out of it it was gone. Should have seen me run after it in parking lot. I think the DH moved it to get in the car as I had it against back side/corner of car and I putting stuff in the rear. It should have bumped into me before rolling down parking lot. Glad it was early and not busy and I caught it before it hit a car.

  8. Sounds like you're doing a great job getting prepared for your surgery Lola, you'll be so much better after it's done. I have a friend who had her knees done and she's doing better than she has in years.
    It will be great when you can "put the pedal to the metal" again!!


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