Monday, February 27, 2012

Quilt Show Friday

Had a wonderful day last Friday at the quilt show with 2 lovely gal pals, Alice and Diana!
Begin with a nice early start so found a nice up front parking place!
We were early so went for a ni
ce coffee before the show.
When time to go into the show area we joined the herd!

First up was the Superior Thread booth.
Alice and I bought enough to get us through another year!

We always mingle between the show quilts and the vender booths.
Walking up and down each row.

There seemed to me to be less show quilts this year.
Not all were on par with the more excellent ones on display.
Some had threads not trimmed, puckered or split seams.
Was surprised by this!

Here are some of the ones I liked.
You know me, I go for the more country look!;-)

This was traditional all done by hand.

Love that center! Darn!! I did not get the artist info!
I would gladly bring it home though and hang it up!
Yeah... you are asking..where are the reds?! haha!
I love the 'county' look of it.

Here are the reds folks!!

This one called 'Birding'. AWESOME!!
Come to Mama! Hang this one is living room !!
Have a bird theme going on in there I did not even realize!!

These gals are from Chapel hill, NC.
The blocks are Blackbird designs, Bird's of a Feather, but the border is Cissa Kamakura's original design.Quilting done by Jan Struble.


Siggh! This quilt is really not this bright!
Pic did not capture it true.
Yes that has that Bonnie Hunter look for sure!

Title is 'Starry Nights in Troubled Kansas'.
Machined pieced and quilted.
It is by Catherine Meador of Chesapeake, Va.
Local Hampton Roads gal! YES!!
Now I thought I had taken more pics but had some 'senior moments' I reckon!

All these long purple quilted strips have names of those lost to Alzheimer's .

The AAQI put on display so many donated small quilts.
We lost DH's mother , Miss Nellie,to this horrid disease in 2002.
Very moving to see this display.

Sadly for me, not all the venders I like to visit were there this year. Sniff.
I enjoy the fabric, book and pattern, wool and stitchery booths most.
According to Diana though, Alice and I did a pretty good job of looking at what 'was' offered! ;-)
Just seemed to be more 'arty' type venders this year. More jewelry and such.
Was a shoe vender there for goodness sakes!!
Reckon a lot of show venders are being hit hard by the high gas prices too.

We enjoyed the Quilter's Lunch Buffet, along with a room full of other folks!
Got inspired. Did a wee bit of shopping.
We did buy some raffle tickets for quite a few quilts to our liking!
Crossing fingers one of us will win one!

All in all the gals and I had a good time and enjoyed each others company!
What more could you ask for in a day out with dear friends!!


  1. I would have been surprised about finding threads untrimmed. Looks like someone would have noticed before the show opened. All the ones you photographed are beautiful. I don't think I could pick a favorite...

  2. I love strolling through the vendor booths. You're just like me... heading straight to the thread vendors.

    The applique quilts are gorgeous!

  3. Lucky you! I would have SO loved to have seen the AAQI display! I'm hoping that it will come somewhere close enough to me before it's retired, so that I can see it in person.

  4. thanks so much for the pictures.
    Glad you had a good time. I love the vendors too.
    Superior threads are great, I like using it also.

  5. You went and all you brought home was thread!!!! Now I do love thread--but I love the fabrics for the thread even better!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing and the photos--
    Happy stitching--
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  6. Hee heee... I am sure you and Alice did a good job looking :) The quilts are just beautiful... I wonder if I will ever be good enough to enter one?! I think not - it would stress me out too much, lol!!!

  7. I never got out there. I was so upset. I should have gone Thursday. I fed the F-I-L Saturday so I could go Sunday. Then the DH had this and that. By the time I could go it wasn't worth it money for an hour or two. And I was too tired. Didn't go Thursday as thought DD would want to go but she had birthday party snack for middle granddaughter that a.m. Friday. Huge Estate Sale on street Fri,Sat, Sun. and Mon. I went all days...elderly couple died last Oct and Feb 2006 no children spent holidays with us...


Luv hear'in from ya!!