Monday, February 6, 2012

TB Red Back Home Coverlet Block Runner

I finished this one Sunday. It is laying over a heart runner on the chest for pic!
Just having a hard time with getting the color to be true.
New camera was a BD gift and I still have not quite got the hang of it yet!

The fabrics are a older line fat quarter bundle I had picked up a few years ago.
Darker reds not as bright as they appear here!
Vintage Vogue III by Maywood Studio.

Was this bundle. You can sort of see the darkness.

Used a Thimbleberries pattern called Back Home Coverlet.
Just wanted a new red one I could use all seasons.
Did think about appliqueing hearts on it but decided not too.

So now I have 2 finishes!!!
Yes finished a snowman runner too.
Will post that next time!
Off to a third finish...pilla cover to match runner!!!

Feels good to be sewing again!
Now to pace myself and try not to over do!
Just the way I roll though!!!


  1. SUPER!!!!! love the pattern . it turned out great.
    Your pics are nice what kind of camera did you get?

  2. ooh, I like that pattern. YOu do the same thing I do. You find a pattern and make into something you want. I've been know to take a block pattern from a large quilt and adapt it to a more manageable piece.

  3. and it's perfect for that cozy corner!

  4. Oohhh so pretty! I love the reds! I don't think you needed a heart appliqué on each block. Nope, it's perfect the way it is!

  5. Pretty!!!!! It is only the 6th--you are on a roll!

  6. Love the runner! Enjoy your sewing! :0)

  7. Oh how pretty and it does look like it was fun to make--things are always better if they are fun to play with and make!!!!
    I love red this time of year for some reason!!!
    Hugs, Di and that miss gracie

  8. Looks good. Really nice fabrics. It's a good feeling to have some finished on the books. ann :-)


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