Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cold Gray Sunday

Today we are expecting a storm. Nor'easter to blow then a chance of snow over night.
Hope winds do not knockout any power lines! We would lose our heat!
We are just over the snow line so maybe we will not get any or not much!
If it is no more then we got last Saturday evening, above pic, we will be good to go!
I took out some containers of left over soups from freezer.
Just toasted up some garlic bread to go along for our dinner.
Supper will be same! Soup buffet! Easy!
Never under estimate the value of putting any leftovers in freezer!!

Alice came one day this past week to play GO!
She brought a Valentine treat!

Alice made these chocolate lollies. Some delish cookies! Yummy and so pretty.

All packed in this pretty black toile china jar!
On top of that she stopped at a local do-nut shop on way here bringing some fattening yumminess with her!~
We had not had the chance to stop at the shop yet!
Bacon and donuts..OMG!! Sorry no pics!! Yes most are gone now!
Thanks Ms. Alice!!!! XO

So on Valentines Day our menu changed. We had crab legs instead!
DH stopped on way home from office picked some up and cooked them up!
Love me some seafood of all kinds!
Will have chowda for nephew's birthday meal next month.

My contribution to our simple meal.
Strawberries to dip in chocolate!
All in all we had a grand supper spending our 37th sweet Valentine's Day together.
Where does time go???!!!

Did not get any pics of the shapes Alice and I cut with our GO!.
I am getting bad with the camera!!
Will tote it around not take a single pic! Sad.. so Sad!
We did circles, 4.5 sqs and 2.5 triangles!
Alice may be working on her Irish runner in between watching racing today!
I found my package with my runner parts so I too will be sewing up The Irish today!!

Stay warm, high and dry!!


  1. Looks like a nice Valentine's day. That toile jar is gorgeous!

    It's snowing here. I'm not impressed ;-)

    Have a lovely rest-of-the-weekend!

  2. Hunker down and enjoy your storm! Now that I am in Texas, I enjoy reading about and seeing pictures of the snow but I don't miss cleaning it up!!

  3. Oh what a sweet treat!!! yay! The toile piece is adorabel. Stay nice and warm... Enjoy the snow snuggling...

  4. I am glad that I just ate my supper--cause all these pictures of food are making me hungry!!!!
    Glad you and Alice had a fun day--
    Hugs,Di and miss gracie

  5. I don't know--I just finished eating and I still think that I could stuff in a few of those crab legs. Yummy!!!!

  6. 37 valentine's? WOW....that's awesome....

  7. Isn't Alice so clever!! Glad you had fun with her.. wish I could come and enjoy the snow with you both! One day... one day.... :)

  8. wow you really made me hungry.. LOL
    can hardly wait to see your IRISH runner

  9. You've had some YUMMIES to eat in the last week!

    I need to think more about making enough to put half in the freezer. We are empty nesters and it's a challenge sometimes to come up with something for just 2. Or I make WAY too much and we have it for too many days after.


  10. I clicked on The is beautiful...have you had time to finish it?


Luv hear'in from ya!!