Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wool Snowman Runner

Okay here they are! On the chest!
Added some wool snowflakes I had from a project.
So sort of like tacking or ties for a quilt.
Did the buttonhole stitch all around the outside edges.
They are cute laying there as long as the cat will leave them alone!

The buttons and eyes are black beads.
Flannel frayed for the scarves.

Niece came over Saturday for a stitching day.
She cross stitched and I worked on this wool runner!
Brought along this new book for me to read!
Yes I still read 'real' books along with the Kindle!
We had a fun day! DH cooked for us.
Kraut with Brats, mashed potatoes with home made rye rolls!
Stayed inside nice warm, cozy and dry.
Was a messy cold day out.

Now on to my next projects!!!
One being getting my studio back in some kind of better working order!!!!
As I was telling pal Alice I think I must just love being 'cozy and cluttered" at heart!
My room can go from nice and neat OPEN to room for only 1 in one projects time!!!!
Oh well I have no one to please but myself after all!
Still no quilt police or sewing room police have knocked on my door with any warrants!


  1. Fantastic finishes the pasr few days!

  2. I do the same thing in my sewing nook. I, very quickly, go from organized to clutter. All of sudden I look up and I have several projects going at the same time, plus new ideas and how-to books scattered around. I'm counting on this being "normal" The snowman runner is a winner in my book! Good project.

  3. Love the runner!! I still read real books too!!!

  4. Love your snowman runner very cute

  5. Your runner is adorable...looks great on the table!!!

  6. Your Snowmen look very cute.

    How nice to spend time with your niece and DH getting your dinner too.

  7. They are cuties!!! I hope the quilt don't hit your house cause that would mean they would definitely be on their way here soon after--If not before.
    Must count the room as a WISPY UFO or something.

  8. Love the snowmen - so cute!

    Glad you're staying inside and warm. I'm tired of winter...it hasn't been a hard one this year but I'm still ready to throw off the thick coat, scarf and mittens and put away my boots. I need some sunshine!

  9. Love the little scarves on the snowmen. I think it's those little touches that takes a project from nice to really amazing, and that table runner is really amazing!

  10. brats at kraut... yum

    LOL @sewing room police.

  11. Oh yeah! Those snowmen are as cute as can be. Nothing wrong with organised chaos. Works for me. Sounds like you and your niece had a lovely day especially with DH looking after you. ann :-)

  12. Please stop by my blog, as I have given you an award. I realize not everyone accepts these awards, but your creativity is definitely to be noted :-)


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