Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh My Goodness!

Been out of internet service for about a week!
Thank you to each who have posted about my top and other posts.
Sorry I could not respond.
Once again had to have Hughes Net send out repair service, but we have to pay for the call at 125.00! Did get a month credit from them!

We have only been with Hughes Net since Oct 2009 and this makes the 4th service call!
Our contract is up this Oct and we have to find out what our other options are other than slow dial up. No cable out here in Boonieville folks.
So needless to say behind on all blog reading or posting!
Loads of emails to get through!

Did get to two appts. Both of which have resulted in more appts!
I am to have my right toe surgery July 15th.
Will be off my feet for a bit!
Need hand work for that one.
My eye appt resulted in my being suspect glaucoma!
More tests for that coming up.
My new glasses are in so will pick them up tomorrow!

Yesterday I awoke to a HELP phone call from Uncle Ollie, 89.
Aunt Dot, 91, could not get out of bed and in pain!
So throw on some clothes off I go!
Ended up calling 911 and off to hospital.
DH came home to deal with Hughes Net repair fella, who was LATE!

Aunt Dot is back home on meds and bed rest.
Was severe neck muscle spasms!
Her daughter rushed up from Raleigh, NC and is with her now.
Dealing with all that at the hospital plus Uncle Ollie too! He is a handful!
I went to bed after, was so exhausted and slept through till this AM!

So on to a bright note!!
My pal Alice had her birthday last Friday!
Alice sews and quilts a lot but blogs very little...;-)

Spent the day with her sewing on her projects! FUN DAY!

Alice loves purple and kitties!!
So I drew up some cats and made her a Purple Kitties wall hanging!
I have to admit my purple stash is very low!

Her fun label!

They do look better with faces!

All quilted, prettied up and DONE!
I do think she liked them!

Also made her a bag!
This is the tulip bag.
Fast and fun!
I did add a stiff interfacing so it has a shape.
This also makes it more sturdy.
I call it the Chinese Fortune Cookie look...;-)

Still crazy round here but then I reckon that is normal for my world!
Hope you all passed a wonderful Father's Day!!

Back to work now on pc catch up!!!


  1. I too live out in the sticks. I went with Wild Blue and have been with them for almost two years. Aside from weather related incidents the internet service has been great. Much better than dial up.

    Check them out.

  2. My goodness you have had your hands full!! Hope things are better for you. Time to find some hand stitchery.. hexagons are wonderfully fun, and quite addicting.

  3. You must have really crashed last night!! That sounds like it was quite a day. I am glad that it was only neck spasms and her daughter came to take over for you.

    Your purple kitties and tote are such nice gifts for Alice. I really love the "fluffy" kitty in the middle.

  4. Oh Goodness! I hope your Aunt is feeling better.I adore the Kitties! I'm a cat-a-holic~ myself and I'm sure she was thrilled with it as well as the awesome bag!

  5. I am so glad you had a great day with Alice in the midst of other dramas... I just Love the wallhanging and bag you made her :)

  6. Oh dear--I did not realize it was her birthday--she is so quite about it--I have been collecting a couple things for her so now I need to send them out--me thinks!!! When is your's??
    I love love love those kitties and I like 'pink'!!! and that purse is so cute too--does it come full of money--if so any ole color will do on that one!!!!
    be good to your self!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  7. Oh cute kitties. What a nice friend you are!

    You sure do have a lot going on. You take such good care of the people around you. You deserve a HUG (if only a virtual one).


  8. So much going on - love those kitties. Glad your aunt is ok.

  9. O , I REALLY LOVE your beautiful Kitties! I am a cat-a-holic also . Your friend is very blessed to have you in her life.

  10. Wow! A full day for you!
    Lovely projects you made for Alice! Adorable cats!! 8-)

  11. Oh my oh my oh those cat are an amazing quilter...your work is purrrrrrrrrfect


Luv hear'in from ya!!