Saturday, June 11, 2011

Life a bowl of cherries....

..hummm no not all the time, but sometimes a bowl of cherries
is what we need!

Don't they just fit right into the red, white and blue summer time look!
Love me some of these Bing Cherries!
Price finally came down so DH brought me some home as a surprise gift!
Yes sometimes it is not only flower gifts that make my heart sing!

This is our table settings for the time being.
Some red, white and blue for the summer holidays.

I just leave the two setting on table.
After all just DH and myself.

Did pull out some more red, white and blue.
The flag button wall quilt is back up.
Click on link to see how I made it.
Still working on some other things including mantle.

DH did find a DEAL on a couple buntings. ;-)
He needed to replace ones he used on front porch railing.
Well sometimes things are not what you expect!
See how big that one is through the window??
Yes bigger than he needed, bless his heart!
Read labels, my darling, not just the yellow mark down price label!


  1. I have been eating nothing but cherries lately. I crave them....

  2. I've been thinking of cherries and was planning to get some today. Your table settings and all your home decor always looks so lovely! You do a terrific job and I always enjoy seeing your photos!

  3. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Love your table settings and pretty wall decor.

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Carolyn :)

  4. This is the perfect time for cherries and they are such a refreshing treat.

    Your table setting looks so pretty. The RWB decor is lovely. Guess I'd better get my RWB out too. June will be gone before we know it.

  5. Nothing better than fresh cherries!! Love all the red/white/blue you have done!

  6. I love cherries and your red, white and blue.

  7. Those cherries do look delicious! Your home looks very inviting. Ann :-)

  8. Cherries are soo good and so good for you! YUMMMMM!

    I love the tablesetting, too!

  9. The cherries look yummy! And I love the place settings!


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