Friday, June 10, 2011

Hot 'Pressing' Issue

Okay this is a 'review' of sorts.
No I did not receive this FREE to review it.

This Sullivans cover/ironing pad is for the larger crafting/cutting table.
I have had this table since we moved here.
Has served well for my needs in this small room.
It does not stay fully open all the time, just as needed.
I wanted a larger pressing surface so went looking for a cover.
Had considered making one myself but when I saw this one on the All Brands site figured would work for less money.

Okay the liner and cover are of thin materials.

OH DEAR! Yes as I was smoothing on the thin yellowing foam, it tore!
I was simply pulling to this side! Think this happens with age, dry rot!
Does not fit enough to go over sides or sharp corners.

Had to pull a bit on the cover to get to fit corners.
Must be careful on the sharp corners.

Plan to add cotton liner when I do use this.
It is not something that will be used every day.
I wanted it for pressing my Fusi -Boo batting (LOVE)on larger projects.

So my review is not waste your money on this product.
Pay the extra $$ to make your own with materials you can buy at Hancock's or Joann's!

All Brands is a great site and I have no problem with them.


  1. Be careful. The heat and moisture from the iron are not good for the table. I almost ruined my table using this product.

  2. Thanks for the review, what a bummer, I'm so sorry. I hate when things just don't cooperate, and I appreciate you "taking one for the team." ;)

    Hugs TK

  3. I'm taking your review seriously Lola, now to check out Fusi-Boo, never heard of it!

  4. I never heard of Fusi-Boo, either.


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