Monday, June 13, 2011

Inspiring hues..

I love adore.. covet... want ...desire... all these shades of dark reds along with their coordinating color partners! Be the partners black, blues& grays , creams or cheddars, yellows!!

I fill these wire baskets to look at and inspire me!

Sort of looks like autumn colors in this pic but they are the darker red!
Now the Fall colors run a close second to the reds and of course toiles!!!
I do not buy fabric based only on the maker/designer.
Mostly it is by visual appeal to me be it designer brand or not!
Yes I will admit there are some lines of fabrics I will to be drawn to as they suit my tastes.
When I am in a fabric store or quilt show venders I just go with what visually appeals to me, hang tag is secondary. No fabric snob here.
I sew ..craft, quilts, clothes, bags, home decor so have many different fabrics/textiles in my stash to use on the project of choice.

This is how my table stays set up.
The fabric baskets are there where I can see them and enjoy all that yumminess!
Sometimes it is hard to decide when or if I will cut into them!!!
I do need to get DH's small wall quilt finished.
Yes will be using some of these lovelies to adorn the Civil War Panel.

So which colors inspire you or just make your heart sing??
Do you too 'display' a favorite fabric or fabrics?
Threads? me too..;-)

Zavier Update:
He is still at the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN.
Still making progress. Finished up the radiation treatments.
Chemo will go on as long as his counts stay at current levels.
Tumor is around 50% reduced as of now, may be more after next scan.
Zavier is on a walker and will be in rehab therapy for a while.
Still has to have feeding tube.
Will take time to be able to eat normally.
Family still struggling to do all they need to do for Zavier and his 5 siblings.
Please continue to keep them all in your prayers and thoughts.
Thanks so much!


  1. I hope that tumor is gone by the next scan.

    As for the colors that inspire me, Lately I've been drawn to blues and greens --sea colors.

  2. Lots of bet! Still sending them!!

    As for the colors...what you have their certainly caught my attention! Yummy!

  3. I love your fabric baskets! I have different baskets and bowls of fabric bundles sitting around my sewing room too. It's a great way to brighten up the room!

    Thanks for the update on your grandson. My prayers for Zavier and family continue.

  4. Wishing Xavier continued healing.My love and thoughts are with him and the family.

  5. wishing Xavier a great and fast recovery. my thought and prayers going out for him and his family.

    as far as for my choice in colour for fabric. I could take your baskets just as they are.



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