Thursday, June 30, 2011

In the black...

Well it has taken me a long while to convince DH that the front door would look awesome painted black! I kept showing him homes with black doors whenever we were out and about.
It took sweet DIL to finally get him to 'see' it! So here he is giving her a fine makeover!
Not crazy about the oil base smell but the old gal is look'n good!!!
DH will give her a second coat in a week.

Yes more black!

Changed out the old and damaged white shutters, I never cared for , to black ones!
They pop against the new ivory paint on the trim.
DH still has to paint the porch ceiling.
I shared this pic of porch shutters because I caught a hummer coming in for a feeding!
See him up there in the upper right hand corner?? Cute!
I think they come when I call now...really...;-)

Like our new living room flooring?? Not so much I dare say!
This really is 'old flooring' as it is sub-flooring.
All that old carpet was ripped out. YES!! Now DH has a few things to do before calling the flooring folks to put in new carpet. Has to decide what he is doing with the entry way floor which runs on into coat closet. Thought he had enough laminate left over from my sewing room floor to do it but not quite. When we went to look for more like it found it discontinued!
Seems these companies are famous for doing that! WHAT!!

Thanks so much to all of you gals for the Woe is me Hugs you sent. I felt them all.XO
Yes I have received 'real ones' too.
Just seems sometimes life tumbles down on you and you feel like falling into a hole, covering up and not ever peeping out!
Sometimes tears are a good thing too. Get it all out. Almost like a cleansing.
Helps me anyway, step back, look at each situation better.
I can then move on to face and handle each one in a way that is best for me.

I pulled out my Bunny Hill BOM blocks to finish up the machine applique on them.
Has helped me working a bit on them each day.
Therapy I call it. Retreat to my special room and just be in the moment of doing something creative. No real thinking of what is ahead or regretting what is gone, just stitching along in silence of thought and mind. As a child I used to love to lay on the ground and look up at the sky. Watch the clouds or birds go by. Just feeling peaceful with no thinking. Same feeling I get when I retreat to my sewing room these days.


  1. I've been doing a fair share of this therapeutic crying lately. I completely understand.

  2. Cry away, and know that we are all here to hug and love you, even if it is a silent hug. :)

    Congratulations on the door makeover, isn't it wonderful when one thing leads to another and before you (or rather DH) realizes it the makeovers extend beyond the front door :)

    I adore your Bunny Hill blocks, and I am all about working in the special room as therapy, I would be lost without the sun shining upon my shoulder through the window of my sewing room...and the healing of my soul that comes with it.

    You and yours remain in my prayers, Lola.


  3. Alone with fabric is always wonderful therapy.

    The black looks fabulous and I am sure that the flooring will be beautiful too. I found the same thing with a wood floor we put in. When I wanted to extend it into another room a few years later, it too was discontinued. Grrr.

  4. Thinking of you my friend is never easy .

    Now I love your new black door ..and shutters !!
    just wait until your new carpet is down and you are decorating your home ..making that room as homey as always :)

    My front door is boring white..perhaps I will paint mine black too

  5. Interesting you see lots of black I see alot of barn reds.

    Glad your feeling down sounds better....I'd been tossed for a few loops myself this past week and know with time.....I'll get over them or see the reason. It is just getting to that point I guess. You know..coming out from under the covers and all.

  6. We've taken to painting our porch ceilings a sky blue so even on rainy overcast day's we can sit out under a blue sky. : ) Love the fresh coat of paint on the door. We are thinking Bright red doors or a sunflower yellow for the doors.

  7. I love the black door and shutters - so classic! Looks great!

    And I'm glad you're working on your Tisket a Tasket blocks. That will be a beautiful quilt when it's done. I love mine, even with my crooked quilting!

  8. I love the black doors and shutters Lola, I would not have thought they'd turn out that nicely!
    I'm glad things are going better for you, and that your therapy works. I used to lay under the sky too, now I retreat to the wooden swing that belonged to my Mom and Dad, and feel Dad's presence when I need it most. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. You certainly have alot keeping you busy and mind off things....I am glad.

  10. That is the coolest picture--the hummingbird looks like he was just posing for you. Mine always come out in a blur.
    Bunny Hill is gorgeous.
    Really really really really need to get those done.
    Ugh--my word verification is "dinge"


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