Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sooo we went to the auction....

This was the estate sale of folks we have known many years, my DH all his life.
Just around the corner from us.
We arrived early to do the look about thing.
Lots had still not been set out of the barns.
Had some drizzle.
Sorry but I forgot camera !!
At any rate had my list and we begin to look for those items.
Found all but a couple so had to wait for auction to see those.
Soon loads of folks were showing up!
So we and some friends decided to get our chairs set up close.
Yes we got rained on a couple times.
No one complained as we ran to a tent for cover cause we NEED rain so badly!
Was loads of things, some going very high$$$.

On my list was this sweet pie safe , with no doors! SCORE!!!
Was thinking I could use if for displaying some of my vintage/antique quilts.

Has a drawer at bottom too.

Here is a side view of the punched tin panels.
Some one has also added a drying rack to it!
So today DH and niece gave me the idea to use in my sewing room.
I had wanted to pull more of my stash out of closet so I can SEE IT!
So after I give it a good bit of cleanup and line the shelves we shall see!
I have to say there was a gal who seemed to want every thing that I wanted!

This was my last SCORE but was second on my list!
Big oak 1850's O N T Clark's Cotton Spool Cabinet desk!

Yes looks a bit rough but has lived in a barn for a long time!
DH can whip it together for me though.
Freshen up the finish and decals I am happy!
It will live in dining room as too large for my sewing room.

Just so happy to have it and that I out bid..THAT GAL AGAIN! ;-)

Next was a deal of a life time but was NOT on my list but when the fella said last chance gavel in the air, DH said GO for it!
A 3 piece oak bedroom suite!

Here is the wash stand.

Above is the tall headboard, foot board and dresser with mirror!
We have the old rails also along with a conversion set of rails.
The ones who thought they had it came up to DH as he and son were loading it up.
The fella was telling him how much each piece was worth.
Can we say STEAL!!!
There is more but will do them on next post!

Last but by no means least a Good Time:

I also met a fellow blogger, Alice in QuilterLand this past Friday night.;-)
A delightful quilt/ sewing partner in crime!!!
We met up at a local quilt shop's Christmas fabric unveiling.
FUN! Had a chatty good time. Bought a wee bit.
No pics..I am slack with the camera what can I say!

Life is good!!!


  1. de-lurking to congratulate you on your awesome finds!

  2. Your scored some wonderful treasures Lola. Love the cupboard and draws.

  3. You got some great treasures...I should go there and look at them in person someday!!!

  4. Very cool!!I may have to go with you next time. Then who will be the enabler? Hee hee! L,A-

  5. Pie safe ? Spool cabinet ?
    omg ..omg ..omg !!!
    You lucky gal !!!!

  6. wow, i love the pie safe? i love that it's green and a spool cabinet, i've never heard of that....i've always wanted to go to an estate sale, however; i wouldn't afford anything. great buys and how cool to meet a fellow blogger, wished it would have been me you met....and you that i met

  7. Great purchases! Glad I wasn't there, the prices would have gone sky high with you bidding against me.

  8. Beautiful finds! The bedroom suite is wonderful but then so are the others. Lucky, lucky you!

  9. Wow....I love your purchases....what a fun time too!!

  10. Fantastic buys Lola! You have some real treasures there. How nice to meet up with a fellow blogger - and at the quilt shop too! Ann :-)

  11. Lola~
    Way to go~~ You did GOOD!! I love the thread drawers and have drooled over them for years. Can't wait to see it when hubby gets done with it!! Glad you had a successful day!!

  12. You DID GOOD, Girl!!!
    Love all of it especially the spool mom had one..had it refinished and turned into a silver chest for her flatware. It was refinished too much and removed the wording on it...made me sick and I was in elementary school at the time. I still had wanted it but she left it to my sister. I'll keep looking...and find one as it was originally one day.

    We are still moving stuff around at in-laws. They seem happy with their new spread. Both love the food there...a good thing!!!And so much easier on us once we finish with the house and get that sold as they are SO MUCH CLOSER!!!

  13. The doorless piesafe is perfect for displaying your quilts!!

  14. Lola, what great finds, I love the spool cabinet and can't wait to see your quilts in the pie safe. Glad I wasn't there, we might have been outbiding one another. LOL


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