Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Monday

Well it is another Monday here in Boonie-ville.
I do have a list for the week of THINGS TO DO.
Will see how much gets done.
Was HOT HOT !!
More HOT HOT and HUMID called
for this week.
We need rain so bad!!
Wish those out west could send some here!

Had a busy week and weekend.
Pulled out more things from DH's sheds for the yard sale coming up.
Hot dusty work.
Got the new 'old' furniture cleaned up.
The old pie safe has a problem.
Can not get a scent out of the drawer!
I ordered some powerful stuff, Odor X and still get a whiff.
They did tell me to wait it out as over time can dissipate
after treatment.
It is not a knock you dead smell but just will not put in
any fabric items for now.
Use it for glassware, dishes, etc.
So not a bad thing.

Here is the Christmas Panel, Birds 'n' Berries, I bought at
the Christmas Open House at Quilt Shop.
Had to order a pretty red coordinating piece to go
with it as it all sold out that night!!

I had just received my order of this Hoffman print which
I think goes with it fine!
Red Birds are also VA state bird.
I just like them and we have a lot of them out here!

DH and I went to Tuesday Morning over weekend.
He bought himself some nice baking pans.
I bought these drapes. They are an insulated pretty satin strip.

I have to use the 63" as our heaters are under the windows.
7.99 each panel folks!!
Better quality and cheaper than Wal-Mart or other discount chains!
I pressed but will take a bit for the creases to fall out.
Humm if I hang them out on the line humidity may do that for me...;-)

We are in the midst of our 'high' tomato crop! ;-)
Will not be an abundance for canning this year.
Even with a bit of watering here and there,
plants are suffering in this terrible heat.
We are grateful none the less for these sweet tasting red jewels!
So hope you all are getting off to a good start to the week as well!!


  1. Your christmas fabric is wonderful - can't wait to see the quilt - will it be ready for this christmas? :-)

    They say to use coffee grounds to take out smells (they use it in police work for when a body is found) - it is supposed to take out all odors - I've not had to try it.

    Those tomatoes are gorgeous - can't wait for them to get ripe here.

  2. I totally have tomato envy. Enjoy!!!

    :) Laura

  3. We have a community garage sale coming up which I'm hoping to get ready for... I really need to get rid of a bunch of stuff but hate prepping for a yard sale.

  4. Very good price on the drapes! There were no window coverings up here when we moved up so we hung up what we had temporarily and they kind of overpower the space. Your tomatoes look so good!

  5. guess what lola? it's raining here today and has been since, i would never rub anything in...

  6. Sounds like you have alot of things going on over there....

    The fabric is soooooooo cute!

  7. Love the fabric--I think it matches really well. I also think maybe I should check out Tuesday Morning to get something up on my windows. That is my sister's favorite store. The tomatoes look yummy!!!! L,A-

  8. I got some of that fabric--the panel one--just love it!!!
    Hey--where Have I been--I missed a couple or so posts---love your new fall finish--great job--and there is still some of the month left--so what to do --what to do???????
    Have fun--


Luv hear'in from ya!!