Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot Time Saturday Night!

Yes here is Miss Cocoa trying to steal my chair!
Think she HAS!
She is just my doll baby kitty!

We have broke all kinds of heat records today(Sat)!
I mean HOT! with a capital H!
Sure it is all over the news ..was here anyway.
On top of that our power had to go off for a couple hours!
Sure made us appreciate the AC when it finally came back on again!

Friday evening I begin working on my Thimbleberries table topper.
Had to sew a backing for it and add the batting.

I quilted the center first and next machine appliqued on the garlands.
I like doing the applique through the batting as part of the quilting.
Like how it looks! ;-)

Here is the back.
No not quite like perfect quilting is done but it is perfect for me!
After all this part is not showing on the table topper , now is it!;-)
Hope to be finished and on to binding by Monday!
Yes took a break from the Fall Runners...had too.
They are all ready to be quilted now.
So I have got a lot done!

Please click on button to go read the call for sewing up some quilt blocks
for a wonderful cause.
Something so simple can say and mean so much!
Hope you too will join in the effort!

Thanks bunches!!!


  1. Lovely table topper Lola. Your quilting looks great.
    Hope Lissa gets a wonderful hugr quilt.
    I love to make quilts or donate blocks here in Aussie too for special people.

  2. Ya know, it's nice to know someone with the same "perfection" thoughts as I do. To me what counts is the love that goes into it. Now quilting for competition, perfection is important. But for everyday, it's the love that counts.

    You did a fantastic job on the quilting too!

  3. Looks wonderful. I've not done the applique after sandwiching the quilt - looks interesting.

  4. YOur table topper looks great! :0)

  5. It`s hard to stay cool with a big ol` quilt on your lap, eh. Your table topper is lovely!

    (For some reason, my keyboard has switched to French. I wonder if it did it automatically. Now I can`t find the question mark...)

  6. I love love love your table topper.....

  7. Your table toper is so pretty!

  8. You will be saying "COLD COLD" soon enough--so enjoy the HOT now!!!LOL
    Love Miss Cocoa--and she looks like she is just "waiting" for you to try to steal your chair back!!!!
    Hugs, Di

  9. Miss Cocoa looks like a sweetie! Max loves to sleep in the most comfy chair. Of course, he loves it most when I'm in it and he's on my lap! lol
    Love your Thimbleberries table topper - so love red and green. I've heard about the batting made of recycled plastic bottles. Keep us posted on how you like it.
    It's been hot here too, finally less humid today. So looking forward to cooler temps and September. We did finally get some decent rain a couple of days ago, but yesterday a big rain system just moved right over top of us, spitting on the deck just for minute.'s been doing that all summer, it seems. Hope you get rain soon.


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