Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dish Auction Lot

The above dishes, minus a couple we gave niece, were in two boxes.
Some old ironstone. I will hang them up on wall.
Glasses are Glas Snap II by Corning.
Bottoms are like coasters that snap off.
My DH is calling them Jetson glasses. ;-)
Milk glass tooth pick holder, a small covered dish from France.
Also not pictured is a Bennington Pottery trigger mug...yes it is now my coffee mug!

I had to buy all 3 boxes to get these!
They look black I know but they are brown!
Staffordshire Royal Mail.
Not a whole set but enough to do four place settings.
I love them!

These are by Booths Blue Mist Tulip Made in England.
Only 3 plates with cups and saucers.
We did have Sunday lunch on these when niece was here...;-)
Feel delicate in the hand.

Pretty set of soup bowls and bread/salad/ dessert plates.
We looked and looked online for a pattern name for these to no avail.
Will have to send a scan or pic to Replacements too see if they can identify.

This is my DH's 1825 family church.
I wanted it for the old red color on cream of course..;-)
It is a 1951 plate.
Will share the third box contents tomorrow!
Still need to take some pics of them!


  1. What fun! I'd love to have stuff like this, but I have no room for a lot of extra dishes.....


  2. Auctions are so fun....you really hit the jackpot with all of these dish finds! I'm especially lovin' the red and white transferware plate...and I really love that green cabinet in the post below...I think it will be perfect in your sewing room :)

  3. lovely...we have my husband's grandmother's china from when she got married. we want to display it so bad, but right now, no room...it's packed away safely....it's plain white with a silver ring around the plate and a single pine needle and cone on it......love it

  4. looks like you hit the jackpot on this purchase!

  5. I'm enjoying the dishes - they are my favorites and I love finding new things - or things that have some connection to family - what a great buy!

  6. Well speaking as a confirmed dishaholic, WOW! Love your dishes! Our new house has a closet/pantry that I am going to designate for dishes :-) woo-hoo!!!

  7. Lots of lovely treasures but my favorite is the dish with DH church on.

  8. Wow Lola, you have some really great things! Can't wait to see the rest, love this kind of stuff!

  9. Were the Royal Mail dishes on your list waayyyyyyyy before the auction started?? Love old dishes and shopping for them. Most amazing--that you can actual blog at 5 o'clock in the morning!!! L,A-

  10. Love the dishes, lola. Isn't it fun to be able to change up the table settings..... thanks for sharing your finds! Carol

  11. I just love dishes....totally love them...thanks.... I think I am drooling....sorry.

  12. One woman's trash is another's treasure. You have found some terrific things Lola. Can't wait to see Box No 3. Ann :-)

  13. OH I am so jealous!! Just to have been there for the day would have been a great time. Your dishes are just wonderful!!


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