Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So Many Lamps!

Okay as promised the third box from the dish lot.

Old Kerosene lamps!
Heavy weight too.
Very pretty glass!
All have the brass collars.
Just need the wicks and globes.
My close up pics all blurred.

Now we do have some old ones already from our parents.
Will have to mark which is which!
Sort of one of those weird things as I had been telling DH I wanted to order a white glass shade kit for one of our bigger ones! Now I need to order maybe 3!

Last here is the Bennington Pottery Trigger Mug .
It is more green then in this pic.
So that is all the dishes lot.

I also bought a lot of old beds and rails for 10 bucks!
DS will take tall oak one to redo for them.
That big piece of wood is mahogany from an old grand piano!
So more wood for DS to play with.
Old oak in the old rails there to re use for the missing spool cabinet top trim.YES!

Cute lil metal bed in the mix, head and foot but no rails.
So will have to see if I can find some.
Would make a cute toddler bed !
The mantle I THOUGHT went in this lot had already been sold!
So did not get the mantle that was also on my list.;-(
Got to keep looking!

On The Sewing Front!

I have joined Di of Quilting is Blissful and her pals for the

Fall Sew-In Club Challenge!

I have 3 of these Fall Runners I want to finish.
Add a border , sandwich & quilt then add binding... DONE!
Well that is may plan. Will just go one at a time!
If that is all I get done so be it!

From this....

To this...!!!


  1. My you have been busy buying.

    Love your Fall Runner.

  2. Very,very cool lamps. And hubby would be jealous of all the cool wood. He wants to be Norm Abrams when he grows up. Is that part of the Gobble Gobble colors. They are great. I need to hurry and finish one. L,A-

  3. That's a lot of lamps! Ken has a friend who collects them and they line the rail going down to the family room. Love how you did the cabinet!! It's perfect!!

  4. Love the lamps! I have a couple too but one needs the top piece. You must have had a great time!!

  5. I have acouple of lamps like that, also with no flues!
    Love your table runners.

  6. I love old kerosene lamps! I have a few from family (like the ribbed based ones you bought), some from estate sales, some new from pottery...

    Is one of them in the Moon and Star pattern? On front row second from left...

  7. Oh I love the old lamps - and the beds and boards - and metal bed - you certainly know how to bid. It must be like wonderland at your house.

  8. your sure did get a lot of goodies. There must have been a ton of stuff there? How cool!!

    Love your runner...where do you find the time girl?

  9. Those old lamps are such better quality then the modern copies. You have made some really good buys. You could almost open an antique shop! The runners are are fabulous. Great work! Ann :-)

  10. Just WHERE do you store all this stuff you bought? I got nervous looking at all of it and wondering where you were going to PUT it. LOL

  11. Thanks for showing you wonderful finds....

    Love the table runner.

  12. Oh my goodness. I just found your blog and already you have me wishing for Fall!

    I'll be back.
    Do drop in!



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