Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thimbleberries Sew Day..again.

Barb of Bejeweled Quilts by Barb is our hostess today because
Crazy Bout Quilts is busy working on her new home!

My project is to finish the TB topper today or this evening.

Just have to finish sewing on my binding!
I love it !
May have to keep out for a bit.
I know it is for Christmas but hey they are my colors...;-)

I also have a Fall Sew-In finish to share tomorrow!
I love it too!!
So come back by to see it( yes you Alice and Di0...;-)

I have been busy round here!
Not only sewing.
Have lots of irons in the fire as they say!
I worked some outside yesterday as we enjoyed a wonderful day with temps in 80's!
Today was warmer and humid again. YUCK.
Went to town early this AM but was back home before it got too bad on me.
So will have to get up extra early again tomorrow to do stuff outside.

So best get back to that binding!!
See ya!!


  1. Loving your Thimbleberries topper there!

  2. Oh Lola I love your topper! Those swags are awesome!! Great job! :-) Can't wait to see a full photo. ;-)

  3. You are quite busy - the topper is wonderful.

  4. It's beautiful, but I don't know how you can even be thinking about Christmas right now. I wish summer could last forever!

  5. Looking really pretty! I'll be back tomorrow. L,A-


Luv hear'in from ya!!