Friday, July 23, 2010


That is what I say as I wipe my brow walking Sadie !!
It is the end of another HOT week here but the beginning a HOTTER weekend!
One good point is my wash does dry super fast on the line.
So what I save not using dryer goes to pay for the AC...;-)
All a trade off as they say!
Just wish we could have some rain.
Crops here are suffering some beyond help now.

I have been staying busy though INSIDE!
Still arranging furniture around.
Not all done of yet.
We plan to buy new bed foundations, maybe tomorrow.

Cocoa Kitty and I have been hanging in the sewing room.
Working on my Fall Challenge.
Trying to think cool and stay cool.

Cocoa loves the 'new to us' batting we are trying out.
Quilters Dream Green.
Made from plastic bottles.
It is really soft.
Using it for my runners.

I am working on 3 at one time.
Here I have 2 ready to quilt.

Adding one last strip to 3rd one.
Will get it sandwiched today.
Hope to get one fully quilted today.
Will see!

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!!!
Stay cool or warm whichever fits your part of the world!


  1. Great runners. I've used that batting and liked it.....also put mine in runners. We are having the same weather as you are....the weather seems "off" everywhere this year, doesn't it?

  2. Your runners look wonderful! It's hot here too. I'm staying in as much as possible until it cools down a bit. Happy sewing! :0)

  3. Love those runners. We are barely getting up to 75 degrees this week - it is quite pleasant - though the nights are cold - 48 last night. My tomatoes will never set fruit - just as well pull them up and put in some pretty flowers.

  4. You can send some our way as we are experiencing a record cool summer for us. :(

  5. I'm spending much time with my sewing right now too Lola, today is so hot, 90's with wicked humidity. I am so ready for fall, this has been one terrible summer!
    love your runners, and Cocoa!

  6. Love your table runners.
    Don't know how cool kitty would be lying on your batting. That's interesting being made out of plastic.
    I'm sitting here with a quilt wrapped around me as it is freezing here. LOL.
    Havew a great weekend Lola.

  7. You're a machine!!! You'll be done in no time; especially with Cocoa's help. L,A-

  8. well, it's really hot here, but I've been really cold......fever induced cold.....

  9. The runners are charming Lola. You whizz through those projects. Plenty of iced tea or lemonade and stay out of that scorching sun. Makes me gratreful for our cold winter. Ann :-)


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