Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wooly Wooly

Okay the top is done.
Finished it up today.
All has been blanket stitched by hand onto the black wool.
It is 19"X19".
The colors just do not show up well.
I tried several shots and this is best one.
Those leaves look gray but trust me, are a dark green also the light looking ones are not that light!
Oh dear! The woes of an amateur photog with just a 100 buck camera.
Now to decide if it will become a pilla cover or table quilt.
I used wool and wool felt. DMC thread in dark green and tan.
Some of the wool was from an old Army blanket I have been cutting on now for a long time!
My kitty likes it too. Oh Joy! Kitty hair adds that extra special something ya know!
Found her on it when I returned from a tea break!
I used templates from Blossoms In Winter for this.
It is not done exactly like the one in the book , just my spin on it.
A lot of this has been done in doctor's offices by the way..;-)
There are two other projects from this book I plan to cut wool for next.
They involve pears...;-)


  1. Very nice, I just finished up a wool project self...of course mine has dog hair on it. :^)

  2. It's beautiful. Whether you make it into a pillow cover or a table quilt, it will still be a target for Kitty. Kitty has good taste!

    I'm with Patty - everything I make has dog hair on it. Everything I wear has dog hair on it. Sigh.

  3. LOVE that pillow are soo clever !!

  4. Love the work,, great job and beautiful colors..

  5. Love it...Pat got me doing some wool projects, I need to get at it again...

  6. Very lovely piece. You have done an amazing job!

  7. That is lovely Lola! I'd be tempted to make a cushion but then I think your kitty might claim it for its own. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)

  8. That turned out so pretty! That was a lot of hand work. Love it!

  9. Looking good---I have not done anything in wool in along time--just might have to do something about that???/
    Hugs, Di

  10. Wow! That is just gorgeous! I love the idea of using wool, and the colours against the black is wonderful.


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