Friday, February 5, 2010


Here are a couple of red work stitcheries I finished this week.
Have to decide on how I will 'frame' them.
Will I use a wooden frame or do up as small wall quilts?Hummmm.
So have them hanging up to look at to help me decide!
Next finish( I hope) is my wool work..the one with flowers on black.
Been slow around here.
Had other things going on and well blogging sometimes just has to take a back seat.;-)

Snow and ice is melting...have water standing again.
Still some snow in shady areas.
Now have another major storm headed at us. Nor'easter!!!
Here we will get loads of rain and wind later today...we have a icy/snow mix falling now though.
Sadly you can not stack water!!
For Sat afternoon calling for snow that will leave us out here in my neck of the boonies with a possible 1-4 inches. At least less than last one.
Further up well they may get socked in like we were last weekend!
Then another one headed for us will come Wednesday!!! Gee Whiz!!
Some Winter for us this year!!
One we will recall for a while!!
So my pals up the coast from me...get ready!!
Go buy that milk ,bread and eggs...;-)
Hugs to all stay warm and save!!


  1. I like your stitching......nice. I say frame them.

  2. I really hope this one isn't as bad as predicted. It seems you've definitely had your share of awful weather this winter!

    Take care, stay warm, and snuggle up with some fabric!

    Have a great weekend ♥

  3. We are in the unlucky area that could get two FEET of snow. I am not happy with this at all. *sigh* Your stitcheries are very nice.

  4. And here I sits in my bathers after my morning swim.Don't think I would like to swap with LOL

  5. Living so close to Lake Huron, I was sure we'd get socked this year being surrounded by so many storms. But only an inch or 2 at a time, and few and far between! I would like to have one more big blast, then Spring can come at any time!

  6. I can see some cute-as snowmen peeking out there! You must be over winter by now. I'm sure the spring is not far away. Hang in there, kiddo! Ann :-)


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