Saturday, February 27, 2010

Drum Roll Please!!!

I added up all the chances, typed them up, printed them out,
folded, put in the Drawing Box
( yes I named it)
Put top on and shook it up then pulled a name!

Out of the Drawing Box I pulled out "Tonya"!
When I saw the name I was giggling ..yes because of the turtles!!
Her name was 'Cute Lil Racer'.

This is what I picked up for this Giveaway at the quilt show.
A Deb Strain Love U Charm Pack!
Would make a cute kid's charity quilt!!;-)
So Tonya send me an email in 48 hrs!!!!

Thanks to all who played along and thought of names!
Lots of cute ones!!
A big thanks so much to those who sent for a kit to make more of these special quilts.
My intention with this Giveaway was to inspire others to send for the kits and make one too!!
These quilts do not go home with the kids. They remain at the hospitals where they are sent.
So you can bless many different children with one cute quilt!
So when you quilt them do a super good utility job on them as they will be washed a lot!
Will post a pic of mine when I get back to it.

This horrid cold caught up big time with me yesterday .
We came on home from Quilt Show early.
Will post on that later.
I am only up to do this and then back to my bed I go.
DH went to town for some stuff from drug store for me.
Woe is me.. woe is me...;-(


  1. Tonya is going to LOVE those turtles! Congratulations!

    Hope you feel better soon, Lola. I'm just at the tail end of my horrible cold. It didn't last too long; hopefully yours won't either.

  2. That must be one awful cold if you brought you home early from a quilt show. Feel better soon!

  3. Congrats to the winner! The fabric you picked is so cute!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Congratulations to Tonya! Sorry you are not feeling well again Lola. Lemon juice and honey in warm water. Gargle if your throat is sore. Plenty of fluids and *rest*. Take things easy for a day or two at least. Hope you feel better soon. Ann :-)

  5. Congratulations to Tonya. Fun win!
    Hope you get better fast... I just had that bug visit me too...Ugh :(

  6. OOOOOOO.....Tonya is going to be SO happy with that as she is our turtle gal here. AND......this is a real riot as I sent her two fat quarters recently to thank her for the Jim Shore angel she sent me. AND......they were two of the colors of the turtle fabric in that charm pack she won now from you. Isn't that GREAT? She now will have all kinds of coordinating charm squares to go with the fat quarters and will be all set to make herself something cute and "turtley" (I such word as turtley...but you know what I mean!!) Sorry you are feeling crappy. I'm getting a cold now myself.

  7. love those turtles.
    Sorry you are still feeling puny.
    Get well soon.
    Did you take pics at M-A?

  8. Hope you feel better soon and congrats to the winner!!

  9. Congrats to Tonya. Such cute fabric.
    Hope you are feeling better soon Lola.

  10. Oh Lola, you just made my day. Yippie...I do hope you feel better soon. I blew leaves yesterday and am so sore this morning.


Luv hear'in from ya!!