Wednesday, February 10, 2010

96 Cent Queen

No this Apple Pecan Coffee was NOT 96 cents.
DH made this last night for the office crew to have today.
Another fella is bring in French Onion Soup for lunch.
Hummmm good eats I must say!
With this horrid nasty blowing windy snow day will be a good warm lunch!
Yesterday I had medical appts so was out an about.
I have not had a thrift store run in a goodly while.
Also no quilt shop stops either. I know SAD!
So on my way back home ..the LONG way.. I got both in!!
I had a very good day out other than the medical stuff!!
I am the 96 cent Queen of the thrift store according to my Sweetie niece!
I have an uncanny way of digging out those deals!

This fabric was in a bag with some other things(for another post) all for 96 cents!
The fat qts, 1/2 yard cut shirting, 1 pc of pretty Waverly and 1.5 yrds of the other which I LOVE!
No idea yet for will come;-)
Now hold on to your blogging hat for next one!

Each 96 cents each!
Each a half yard cut!
I went in looking for some wool skirts or pants in my pear colors.
Did not find any but hey these will work in future projects!!!

This is the project on the wool thimble today!!
Yes has to be done next.
Sort of appropriate as we are getting snow that was suppose to be a 'mix' only and mostly rain!!
Gales up to 50 at times they are saying and I believe them!!
Wanted to get this posted before we lose power!!
It has blinked a couple times already.
More of my 96 cent bargains and quilt shop visit in later posts!!!

My pals north of me STAY WARM AND DRY!!!


  1. Lola,
    You are the queen for sure!! Great buys on the wool!! I never find fabric in our stores, just have to buy clothing and recycle it!! Tomorrow is my day for sun so I am looking forward to the Goodwill run!! LOL

  2. Great finds! Have a good sewing day on your snowing day. We have a snow day too schools have been canceled but as of yet no snow only a little spitting now and then. Oh well I'll get some sewing done too. :^)

  3. Great finds! Can't wait to see what else you found. Loving the snow man runner. :-)
    Hope the power stays on and you stay warm & are able to sew.

  4. What great deals!!!! I know they will be put to great use.

  5. Woohoo! What great are definitely the 96 cent queen!

    Stay in now and keep warm with your wool! It's snowing and blowing here too, but we only have 4 inches or so...could have been a lot worse!

  6. GREAT buys indeed!!! The weather is much more than frightful here as several businesses and at least one school in our county have had roof collapses today. I am wishing this weather would go out over the ocean and never give us anything like it again.

  7. You did good girlfriend!!! Great fabrics!!!

  8. What great finds.. And that coffeecake looks delicious.. Yummmm

  9. Great buys Lola!

    Happy sewing your new goodies!

  10. wow what a find with the wool,, wish that would happen to me!
    Love the snowman on the red, looks great!

  11. Love your great finds for 96 cents---way to go!!!
    Love the snowman article you are working on, too!!!!
    have fun--keep warm--
    Hugs, Di

  12. The coffee cake does look good and the snowman is so cute. Stay nice and warm. I hope you don't lose power!

  13. Your DH's work colleagues are so spoiled! Fantastic bargains Lola - you are just too clever. I like your snowman, he's cute! Ann :-)

  14. WOW girl, what a score! Great finds :-) Love the prices.


Luv hear'in from ya!!