Thursday, February 11, 2010

Been Thinking

This is a post about what has been on my mind this week.

I don’t know about everyone who has a blog and loves reading other blogs but…yes that but.. I really need to spend less time doing it!!

I do not post a post every day on my blog. That was not my goal to begin with.

Did not need another chore to add to my list or to compete with others either.

It simply was an easy fun way to share bits and pieces of my life with others.

Others being friends I had met online, a way to meet new ones and share with those I do not see very often due to miles between us.


I live a pretty isolated life out here in my boonies.

So this opened up a whole world to me!!! I can travel the world and never leave my chair!

I have been so grateful for that many times when my health did not allow me to do much else.

I love all the blogs I visit and all the dear bloggy pals I have made.

So much shared freely, sewing, books, pets, families…and on and on!

I have found myself spending too much time traveling…;-)

Time just gets away from me and before I know it I have no time to do what I had planned!!

Lots of us have said it feels like the year is just flying by!!

So I am trying to cut back on my time in this chair!

Spend a small bit of time visiting my buds in early morning and maybe a small bit in evening only.


Got to get moving again! For my mental and physical health.

Need more structure back in my life.

Yes I thought I would enjoy not having any! NOT!

Loads I want and need to do sewing wise..and not all quilts.

I sew a lot of different things and enjoy it!

Why I named my blog ..and Sew On to cover it all!!;-)

Love my fabrics, trims, old textiles and such.

I ‘dabble’ in so many things. I love it too.

I still have yet to list anything on my other blog ..Cedar Cottage.

Yes I have treasures I want/need to sell .

Just no extra room here in our small home!

No need to keep things you have to keep boxed away!

Let others have the opportunity to use them and love them. ;-)

I need to tweak my sewing room a bit more to have it FINISHED!

So more painting of some furniture shelves and hanging things up.

Spend more time doing for ME!!

I do have a tendency to over load myself doing for others .


No one asks this of me !!

I just can’t get everything I would love to do, done!!!!

My ideas over take my abilities to really do them all!

I get in over my head then feel badly when it is not done in a timely fashion.

Yes I am my own worst enemy!!!


Anyway I think I am rambling now.

Oh hey it is okay after all this is MY BLOG…haha!

So that is my thought provoking post of the day…;-)


Speaking of time…my thrift store shopping day also produced these

pretty calendars!

Turkey Hill Ice Cream one with a pretty quilt on each month.

75 cents CHA CHING!!!

Then this pretty one with art from Debbie Hron.

45 cents CHA CHING!!!

Love these pics on each month!
Cats are adorable!

Each month has a different quilt.

Oh yeah we got COUPONS TOO!!!


  1. the calendars.......and the coupons are not expired yet??? That IS a good deal!!!

  2. I sure do understand what you are saying about getting lost in blogland! I enjoy reading all the different blogs and the friendships that I have made through them. Blogging is time consuming, but it also helps to keep me focused on my project progress = nothing to blog about!

  3. I hear ya.. Yes we do way to much but don't ya just love it?

  4. I too tend to get lost in blog land and am quite amazed when I'm away at how much I get done.

  5. LOL I know exactly what you're saying. By the time I finish reading the blogs, answering comments left on mine, and writing my post, it's time to start dinner. Of course, most days I don't make it that far before it's time for dinner. I hope you're able to get some of your To Do items completed.

  6. Wonderful thrift store finds! Enjoy some time for YOU.

  7. Okay, ya, I don't know if that's going to work for me. I enjoy seeing your projects and hearing about what's new in your life! Ha. Well fine then, get up and move around if you must but be careful if you venture out in that weather we do occasionally want to hear from you!

  8. This blogging does take up a huge amount of time. But, I love it and all myf friends. It's okay if you cut back. We know you are there, and will look forward to your posts.

  9. Hi---I know the "guilty" feeling you have---I believe that all bloggers have that feeling--most everyday--so you are not alone---I know that I can only be on the Internet in the evenings---this is my TV of sorts--but much more educational and intertaining!!! I have evenings like tonight--it's 11:15 pm--I should probably knitting on my baby hats or something---but like you I can not go out much---this is my "world" now and so one must give it some time--but I am trying to limit it each night to 3hours or less--it's just tonight little sister was here and we played alittle on here and then watched a movie that needs to go back to the Library tomorrow--so that does make it late---we just have to find a balance---so spend some "clear" time thinking about it and set up a "hope" schedule for yourself---yes I am rambling????
    Hugs, Di

  10. Boy....I know where you are coming from! It is just so much fun to follow blogs while meeting others.

  11. Balance in all things. If you have too much to do, take some things off the list. Some days I spend lots of time reading blogs - other days I don't visit blogland at all. Ann :-)

  12. What you said...EXACTLY. :0)

  13. while I understand what your saying, I certainly hate to see you even less on here. we can keep in touch via email if your "mia" for too long.


Luv hear'in from ya!!