Friday, February 19, 2010

100 years ago..., February 19, 1910 my father was born.
What a pretty baby boy he was!! All cotton top blond.
Born to his parents while they were in Texas.

Hard to think if he had lived past his 69th birthday till today he would be that old!
He was older than my Mama by 10 yrs. Not too much back in those days.
I do recall as a child some would ask if he was my grandfather;-)
I only ever knew him to have his snowy white hair.
Which he took great care to keep the 'yellow 'out!

My Aunts both told me he was a firecracker and prankster as a child.
This one makes me giggle.
Why did he have on an eye patch???;-)

When he was a young man he worked on the Panama Canal , swam with Tarzan, Johnny Weismuller, in Florida, wrestled alligators, loved to dance, rode an Indian Motorcycle doing handstands and was quite the ladies man.
Lived through the Great Depression and a lot of history.
Wish I had taken the time to learn more from him about his life.
Sadly I did not know time was running out to take the time.
Too young to know that some day I would understand things on a different level.

If I am to believe my Mama, she always said I was my father's child...more like him in more ways then like her. More him than my brothers.
I can see them both when I look in the mirror.
Well I hope I am the best of both of them.
I can truly say I miss them both more than words can express.
Wish I could have them back for just one more day.

So Happy 100th Birthday Daddy!
Hope you and Mama are waltzing across heaven today.


  1. how sweet, brings tears to my eyes. I wished I knew what a daughter/father relationship was. I've never met my "sperm donor". My step dad is 10 years older than my mom. We thought that was strange growing up. Now, not such a big deal. Happy Birthday "cotton top".

  2. Beautiful!!! Brought tears to my eyes!!! My dad was seven years older than my mom and he died when he was 63...both of our daddys died way too young!!! My DH is 10 years older than me.

    Wishing your sweet daddy a happy 100th birthday celebrating in heaven with your sweet mama!!!

  3. It's unfortunate that we can't keep our parents around to enjoy all of our lives. I lost my dad in 1962, my mother in 1987, and I still miss them.

  4. Oh, that last picture really surprised me. You look so much like him. My Daddy died at 59, and I too have so many things I wish I had asked him.

  5. Nice to remember out Dads, mine too died way to early and I miss him everyday.

  6. Wow, so nice post of you to remember your dad!
    Mine past at age 50. Just a few days before his 51st B-day, I guess it wasn't meant to be!


  7. Oh how sweet. I, too, have tears in my eyes after reading your lovely tribute.

    I know what you mean about running out of time. If I'd known my dad's time was running out, I'd have put aside my hurt and pride and flown across the continents to visit him. I guess that could be a lesson, but learned too late.

  8. What a sweet memorial, I'm sure he would be so proud!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. Such a touching trinute to your dear Father. He lived a full life by all accounts and perhaps we can all learn something from that. A lovely post Lola. Ann :-)

  10. What a great tribute... Very well done. You can still tell your love your daddy. We never get to old to need our dads.

  11. Such a sweet post. I have thought the same thing, wishing to have them back for just one day. Just to tell them I love them, and to hug them. Mine were gone when I was young too,and you really don't realize how short the time is til it is gone.

    Hugs to you........

  12. That is beautiful, what you said about your Dad. I was born to parents who were in their mid forties and I understand having older parents, but they were a blessing, as I know yours were. thanks for posting this beautiful tribute to your Dad, and also your Mom.


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