Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Whew..been busy!

Whew...been a busy time for me last few days!!
From Friday on through yesterday, Monday!!!
Now home today for catch up time.. ugh! Never happen, not at this home, not me! HA!!
Had fun at the craft show in Richmond Saturday. Saw so many neat things , really lovely things and from such talented artists. Most high dollar things but well worth the money.
We bought some yummy cookies to snack on and people watch some...that is always such fun.
Bought DH a bird house for his BD, rather neat one made from bird seed. Cool.
I also purchased a dress for my beach trip made from such lovely African batiks, turquoise blue and purple.. delish!!
Met up with some lovely gals there Shirl and Mary Jane and had a fun chatty lunch!!
Day was nice too.. warm and sunshine.
Trip up and back was uneventful which is always so nice!!
Traffic was not too bad on I -95...;-)
Next show is in Nov so we may just have to do it all again come Fall which works out well as my BD is in Nov! YES! ;-)

St Paddy Day is over. We had our green on, hung the flags and had corned beef, cabbage & taters for supper.
So that means corned beef & Swiss sammies today for lunch YUMMY!!

Now to get ready for the Big Easter Day Feed!!
Have a ham to cut hock off of and soak.
Then will cook ahead.
Have turkey breast to thaw out, for preparing also.
All the family have their 'cookin missions' to complete and bring along with them Sunday...;-)
No one should have any reason to leave here hungry that is for sure!

This will be last indoor celebration for a while as warm weather will be here for next ones... YEAH US!!
Will be grill'in and chill'in then!!! At the beach some too! YES!
Also DH will be doing his FAMOUS SMOK'IN BUTTS soon !!!
Put up the tent and set out the 'sides'... BBQ on all the plates!! Desserts galore!!
All the Ma and Pa's, Aunts & Uncs, Cuzs, all the in- laws and out -laws will rub elbows once again at the family gathering!!
Don't ya just love summer time!!!!

POP!! Oh well back to real time an this cold which hope will pass by Sunday or the Easter Bunny may get a lil frosty chill on his cotton tail!!!


  1. It was so nice to meet you finally on Saturday! Nothing like a great day shopping with friends! Lunch was fabulous, and I'm sorry again for giving you a lemon bath! LOL

    Love reading your Blog. Have a wonderful Easter dinner on Sunday!

  2. Oh my goodness, Lola. I thought I had lost you ! So glad to see your blog and all your lovely projects :o)


  3. Wish I could join ya for lunch, sounds yummy! Had fun Saturday and it was nice that you were lemon fresh for the ride home on I-64 (not I-95 LOL).

  4. yes it was I 64...reckon my feeble brain is ready to travel I 95 south!!!

  5. Thanks Jacquie!!!!Missed ya!!!!

  6. ..lemon showers are nice and refresh'in don't ya know...;-)

  7. Wow!! Sounds like you had a great time!!



Luv hear'in from ya!!