Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lot Done

I got a lot done yesterday..... or at least for me.
I know my 'old self' could work circles around the 'today me'... sad but true.
Hard to except that some times. Must just push on!!

Anyway, finished up a sewing project for a cross stitcher gal.
Sewed up her some ornies . Think they came out really nice.
Her work is really lovely so did not want to take away from that.
This is a series she is doing in the 2 different linens.
I kept the backing fabric, cording and hanger thread all back to use for the rest of them when they are ready to sew up.

I also worked on some St. Patrick Day things.
Had some simple patch runners ready to batt and back.
Sewed one up for sofa chest. Have a couple more to do... one for dining table.. other for a pal.
Also made a simple fabric flag for my mail box. I mean it is not like it is going to hang there forever!
Need to do an Easter one up today.
After all it is right here too!! WHEW!

Have some old table clothes to wash today.
These are going to be cut to be shopping bags.
I will line mine with simple washed muslin.
Soon NO PLASTIC bags will be the law here in our county.
I have been planning on doing this for a while anyway. Nice way to use the old stained ones.
Use my canvas ones , the freebies, for small trips, needed these for the big shopping days! HA!!
In the RV we have some an also the lil shopping cart for using at the markets we stop at.
We do recycle the plastic ones too .... poop scoops, trash can liners, etc.
Sadly here we seem to have a big bunch of litter bugs. They just allow the bags to blow all over.
When they end up in the cotton can ruin it, but also kills wild life in our water ways.
Anyway as always you have those that spoil it for others.

Hope to pick more flowers on my walk later today, if not raining.
DH cut grass this past Monday , first cut of the season.
Well mostly wild onions but looks great.
Smelled good too!!
We will be making visits to the garden center soon.
Love doing that even if we don't buy anything!!
Do have some plans for a bed we want to do so will look for plants for that.
May be pulling out the old boxwoods and putting in new .
This will be after we finish the painting on trim.
Always something to do when you have a house!!

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  1. You are such a busy bee! Love the ornaments and runners!


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