Saturday, March 29, 2008


Rain....we are receiving a few drops. Yes just what I said a few drops.
Maybe it will be enough to get the new plants through another windy dry week. We sure hope so. Course the day is far from over so maybe we may end up getting a lil bit more rain by days end.
So yes today is a dark gray day but I must not allow that to bother me as the up side is the rain.
I have realized as I have gotten older that the gray days really do get me down. I have to struggle to stay UP on those days!
I may have to run around (only figuratively speakin) and replace all the lights with those day light ones to see if that will help!
Course all this will change when heat of summer hits and I DO WANT to shade the house...go figure.
It won't bother me then only thing on my mind will be staying cool! Haaa!
Are we not rather complex creatures or at least the few in my club!!!

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