Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Sunday and week report...

Easter Sunday was a fun day. All preparations were worth it.
We had family in to eat and visit. Everyone brought something so was plenty of food and no one should have left hungry!
Also managed to get everyone seated at same time. Did two tables but worked out...Wonderful!!
Used my vintage Wedgewood china as the colors were so SPRIING!
House was all festive with Spring/ Easter decor, sun was shining ,not real cold. Beautiful day.

I also received a cute 'Easter Basket' held a 'needle roll' pretty!
Now I have 2...working my wish list up to 12, ya know one for every month!
Just took a liken to those lil things for some reason!
Course it helps to have someone sweet who can cross stitch really well to do them for ya!;-)
I put my 'basket' to use later as a holder of turkey salad is that not the cutest thing!!!!!
Thanks so much Paul, Diana and Hollyanne!!!!

Sadly Sunday evening I begin to feel bad and by Monday CREEPIN CRUDE had set in.
Down but not out that is me.
Better each day but the pollen in the air is not helping at all.
I am sure that will only get worse.
I have decided that when I take the dog out for a walk I need to cover my face. I use a bandana.
Can only imagine what folks passing think ,but so far no cops have showed up with a report of a 'masked person' in the area!! Ha!!

As I have not felt well have not had a real productive week.
I did finish up a BD gift I had started. Will share that AFTER the recipient receives it. ;-)
I also am late mailing out other gifts. But hey we do what we can.
Better late then never as the old sayin goes.

DH has tilled up the lil garden area. He has planted some things already as last frost date for us has passed.
He has in broccoli, cabbage some lettuce, Hanover salad greens, spring onions.
Need rain though or it all will just sit there.
We are still in drought here.
My brother in AR would love to share some of their rain with us if he could.

Well hope you enjoyed the 'weekly' report as daily just does not fit into my life at the moment.

Stay tuned though for a special report to follow on a very 'tiny house painter'...;-)

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