Friday, March 28, 2008

Room Makeover

Room Makeover

Is this not a cute room??
Well it belongs to a little cutie named Erica! She is one of our grand nieces.
Hard to believe she will be five next month!!
She decided she wanted her room repainted so got her Mom to 'help her' do it.
Yes she is an 'experienced' painter. ....this is not 'pretend to paint'!
It is in her blood, really, as her Mom repaints 'regularly'! Ha!!!

She decided on her colors and how she wanted things to be.
May have to 'book' Miss Erica next time I get ready to put some fresh color on these walls here!!
She is also quite handy in the kitchen as well. Her Grammy Viv is seeing to that.
I am thinkin add a law degree to her name, Miss Erica , Esq. and she will make a great catch for some lucky fella a few years down the road!!

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